New Auburn Chronicle: The Hunter and the Hunted

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New Auburn Chronicle: The Hunter and the Hunted Image

- Whle Sara, Jordan, Emory, and Carter were all receiving treatment, Aaron decided to go back to the West Tenements to speak with Bethany about buying some of her charms.

- Bethany was quite intoxicated and seemed to have been crying.  She became fixated on Sara and the watch and pleaded with Aaron to convince Sara to give her the watch.  While they were still talking, Aaron heard gunshots.  He arrived outside in time to see a man hurled through a glass tile wall by a massive, glowing humanoid wolf.  The creature did not give chase, but Aaron and the man - who turned out to be the fugitive Elijah Sims - decided to leave the area anyway.

- Back at Sims' hideout, they talked over the things that had been going on.  Sims knew nothing about "spiders" or "Niatha", but did know the local gangs were up to something bad.  He had been hunting a small werewolf pack in the city for some time - his success in killing three of them so far had earned him a reputation as a serial killer.  Sims agreed to offer whatever help he could as long as Aaron didn't tip off the department as to his whereabouts and activities.  He did stress, however, that he had his own problems.

- Aaron returned to the hospital and told the others about his early-morning adventure.  The group took the next week or two to fully recover.  Nothing major happened while they laid low, but small incidents which they felt were related to the "problem" continued to bubble to the surface.  They needed to form a plan.  They would have to act on something - anything - and soon...

- +2xp

Games of the Present and Future

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 Marauder - probably my favorite 'mech.  This one had to be pretty heavily repaired, but it turned out pretty great.
Marauder - probably my favorite 'mech.  This one had to be pretty heavily repaired, but it turned out pretty great.


Been trying to play Battletech whenever I get a chance.  Love this game.  I didn't do a post-mortem on Trogland 2016 this year, but the one game I ran at that event was a Battletech scenario that lasted from about 11am-5pm on saturday.  Yeah, turns out lance-on-lance (plus extras) with 5 players takes a while, especially when there are some heavies on the field.  Next time, I think I might run a 2-on-2 game that might not go forever.

Paint Schemes

A while back I bought a copy of the 3rd Edition box set from Ebay, which included plastic models of 14 of the "unseen" mechs, several of which I really wanted.  This set was made back in '94 and the plastic models aren't great quality.  I actually had to use modelling putty to repair a couple of my favorites - the set was in great shape, it's just that the plastic casting was bad.  That said, I think my paint jobs on the ones I painted turned out "decent" to "great".  Still need to clear-coat them before they're ready to go, however.  I did decide not to paint a few of them for aesthetic reasons.  Some of the old models look straight-up goofy (I'm looking at you, Thunderbolt), and with other's I'm not a big fan of the "backpack" and/or (to a lesser extent) the "handheld weapon" looks.  I did paint the Phoenix Hawk, Stinger, and Battlemaster that fall into that latter category, but the Griffin and Shadow Hawk look more like space marines than battlemechs IMO.  The Wolverine I *might* have painted, but its head is extremely poorly cast and mangled.  Anyway, they didn't make the first cut.  I'm up to 34 painted models now, and I think they've generally improved over time.

Compiling an Arsenal

I also went to Kinko's and printed out 114 pages of mech sheets - one copy of each common variant for each model I have painted.  I've got these sorted in a binder now.

And I've completed my first draft of what I'm calling Mechwarrior Basic - a companion RPG system and set of Battletech mods to play the game as a ttrpg.  It takes some elements from Mechwarrior 2nd Edition and a variety of other games.  It's intended to be simple and quick, specifically to contrast the methodical crunch of the wargame aspect.

The reason for all this is that I'm still hoping to run a Battletech campaign at some point...  

...or, as soon as I find another player.

Still Current Campaigns

As you can probably tell from this blog, our World of Darkness game continues - and it's going quite well overall.  This has been a really solid game.  I like the characters, the setting is good, and the mystery is interesting.  And maybe a little too involved.

The WoD game is great - and I'm still having a lot of fun with it, but I'm really looking forward to starting a Numenera campaign after this one resolves.  Looking back at the blog, I can see that I've been trying to resolve WoD and start Numenera since December.  I'm not good at ending things.  Even when I want to.

Maybe someday.



New Auburn Chronicle: Fight or Flight

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New Auburn Chronicle: Fight or Flight Image

- Carter dragged Emory back into the room and pulled out the gun she still had on her as the man burst in.  As the nurses and doctors followed him in, Carter decided to engage the massive guy in hand-to-hand instead of shooting.  They traded a couple of blows before Carter tossed the gun on the bed where Emory picked it up and shot the man and he collapsed.

- Things weren't going much better back in the alleyway where the giant spider had attacked Jordan, Sara, Aaron and the injured man.  The group strugged to get away, and were cut off from the injured man in the alleyway.  They had mixed results fending off the persistent spider, but eventually made it back to Aaron's patrol car - though Jordan had to be carried.  The creature attempted to stop the car from driving off and nearly succeeded in prying the roof off the vehicle before Aaron was able to drive them all to safety.

- Back at the hospital, the group reunited - several of them in pretty rough shape.  After some treatment, Sara got a phone call around 4am.  It was Owen.  He told her he'd found something - some clue about their situation.  He told her the only way to free an individual or environment from a demon's influence - short of somehow destroying it - was to close the door it came through...

- +1xp

New Auburn Chronicle: Monsters Among Us

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New Auburn Chronicle: Monsters Among Us Image

- Sara, Jordan, and Emory had an interesting conversation with the priest Owen and his sister Crista.  They had experienced some odd things themselves, and Owen showed them some photocopied pages of some old, partiall-burned documents that his predecessor had left him - documents that seemed similar to the occultic 'book of prophesy' Sara had found references to.

- Meanwhile Carter was visited again by the man who'd given him a ride back to the hospital.  He said he'd gone back to the shore where he thought Carter had come from - and he saw some of the same disturbing things.  He cautioned Carter not to pursue any of that too far, only saying that it was 'bad stuff'.

- Aaron went to meet his mysterious caller later that night.  He was picked up in a limo and driven around a bit while "Sam" talked to him.  Apparently, this man was a rival of Leon Catch, and wanted the police to know whatever was going on with the new drug Leon had been selling, they weren't involved and wanted the cops concentrating on Catch's territory (the East side).

- When he returned, he re-joined Sara and Jordan who'd been watching from nearby.  Sara had heard something in an alley and was making her way to investigate.  She found an injured man who seemed strange in some way.  As they approached asking if them man needed help, the group of them were ambushed from above by a large, spider-like creature.

- Carter and Emory were awakened at the hospital by some commotion in the hallway.  Emory stepped outside and saw a crazed and massive man pushing his way down the hallway against the efforst of nurses, aids, and doctors to restrain him.  When the man saw Emory, he became enrage, grabbing a nearby metal cart and hurling it at her.

- +3xp

New Auburn Chronicle: The Demon Within

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New Auburn Chronicle: The Demon Within Image

- Jordan, Emory, and Sara made their way to the St Monessa Catholic Church at 8550 Newfield.  After entering and looking around, Jordan and Emory decided to go up and talk with the priest while Sara hung back to observe.  Jordan had been experiencing minor but worrying "reactions" since they entered, but these drastically intensified when he caught sight of a girl sweeping up in a corner of the sanctuary.  At that moment, something seemed to trigger in the building resulting in the sound of a high-pitched, howling blowing through the building and the numerous candle flames becoming much taller and agitated.  The young priest was momentarily shocked by this, exchanging a looking with the janitor, before pulling a gun on Jordan and demanding to know what he was.  The two tried, now much more urgently, to explain some of what had been going on.  The priest directed them out of the sanctuary, through the building, and into the crypt beneath it.

- Deep in the crypt, the priest was accompanied by two faintly-glowing men in white robes - one of whom was sent for the janitor.  The other pushed Jordan into a small circular room and bound him to a worn wooden board with silver manicles.  The janitor returned with two of the men in white robes and took up a position in the room, pulled out a small book from her clothing, and began singing.  Emory demanded answers, eventually pulling her own gun on the priest who was now standing behind a sort of podium.  When he began reading aloud in a strange language, Emory fired over his head.  The priest remained focused on his task, but the shot did startle janitor who briefly faultered in her song.  It was then that Sara, who had been stealthily observing from the shadows, emerged to place a hand on Emories arm.  "It's an exorcism..."

- +2xp

New Auburn Chronicle: The Dark Past

Monday July 18, 2016 at 8:30pm new auburn chronicle, game session notes Comments (0) »
New Auburn Chronicle: The Dark Past Image

- Jordan's call to Sara telling her he's on his way woke her from unconsciousness.  She was soaked with lake water, but the building appeared intact.  Sara took another look around the now-peaceful house.  She didn't find the book she was looking for, but did locate some volumes on the Arapaho containing burial practices, and a scrap of paper mentioning Father Brogan at St Monessa Catholic Church.

- After Emory got off work, the group met at the hospital in Carter's room.  They had a lengthy discussion on what to do next, during which Aaron received another call from the dispatch telling him that somone had just called from the same payphone.  Aaron called the number back and, after identifying himself, was told "here, 2am".  Jordan, Sara, and Emory decided to go to the Catholic Church, leaving Carter alone in his room to recover.

- As Carter slipped into sleep, some part of his subconscious nearly panicked, recalling that sleep in this hospital has rarely been peaceful.  He woke up to find himself in a log cabin with an elderly native woman who asked if he would listen to her when his grandfather had not.  She told him that the "demon" must be stopped; banished; destroyed.  It had preyed upon the community for too long, and many of them could not rest peacefully in their deaths.  He saw a brief glimpse of what must have been the past from his window before his hospital room light came on and the vision faded.

- +3xp

On Recency: Vacation Return 2016

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 just relax
just relax

Well, just got back from vacation.  That was a great time.  Spent the week with Sheri, Hannah, Micah, Mom and Dad.  Also my brother Joe, and saw sister Jamie, too.  Went to a family reunion where I saw relatives I haven't seen in years.  Got to hang out a little with friends Justin & his family and Kevin & his family.  Played golf, kubb, flimsee, Sushi Go, wii golf, and other things.  Went to the Zoo and the Indy Children's Museum.  Enjoyed some quiet evenings around a fire pit in my parents' peaceful backyard.

Again, great time.


Current things I'm working on or looking to do:

- Successfuly wrap up our New Auburn Chronicle game and start a new Numenera campaign

- Finish a Mechwarrior rules set I've been working on, create a killer character sheet, and finish painting minis for a Battletech campaign

- Play some golf with Tim, as I've inherited (at least temporarily) a set of nice clubs from my dad


Oh, and then there are all the things I "need" to do...



No Thank You Evil: Rus Tee & the Eye Buglars

No Thank You Evil:  Rus Tee & the Eye Buglars Image

[new players Ken, Terri, Erica and Zach]

- Angel and some *other* new friends were summoned to Princess Strike's Castle Alley on account of a horrible noise keeping everyone awake.  The terrible moaning sounds was coming from somewhere in the junkyard behind the castle.

- While investigating, some of them encountered large bug-like creatures that tried to steal things from them - one of them made off with Terri the robot's arm!

- The group followed the sound to a little cave house in one of the piles of junk, where they found an old, broken robot called Rus Tee sobbing and crying loudly.  He told them that he was upset because one of his eyes was missing.

- Suspecting the bugs, the group followed them to their hive where they found a giant robot bug being powered by the sad robot's glowing eye.  Erica the spy snatched the eye and made her escape while Zach "Fast-Speeder" wrestled one of the bugs for his toolbelt.

- After fending off the rest of the bugs, the group returned dthe eye to the robot, who stopped moaning so everyone could get some sleep.

No Thank You Evil: Professor Wizbang's Time Machine

No Thank You Evil: Professor Wizbang's Time Machine Image

[published NTYE adventure; new players Amanda and Jared]

- Angel and some new friends were invited Out the Window to Princess Strike's Bowling Ball.  They arrived early to find Professor Wizbang demonstrating his time machine, only something went wrong and it summoned a dinosaur, a pirate, and a robot from different time periods - and each of them made off with a piece of the broken machine!

- The group tracked down the fugitives and the missing buttons and managed to put all to right before the ball.

No Thank You Evil: Merfaerie's Mischief

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No Thank You Evil: Merfaerie's Mischief Image

- Angle, Maria, and Markus made it up to a room full of treasure chests, where they discovered a merfaerie had swiped the wand and was causing trouble with it - she animated the treasure chests even turned Markus into a giant crab!

- Stacking the treasure chests, they chased the sprite up into the top floor bedroom of the coral tower, where Maria grabbed her. 

- The group returned the wand to the fish, called Marlin, who poofed his tower back to the sea and apologized to Woodlynn, who gave him some special honey to help with his cough.

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