Unwritten: Metal and Machines

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- The group descended into the metal structure to investigate, seeking a way out into the jungle - or to possibly determine whether that was adviseable, as the spikes on the surrounding walls have them reason to think maybe there was something...bad...out there.

- On the top floor they found some offices, bunk rooms, and equipment/gear storage.  Some written records suggested production and/or mining facilities were housed within the structure, and spoke in general terms about the state of the ongoing project.

- Below this level, they found a large production floor that contained machinery that was apparently used to produce small, pill-like pellets.  They found a few kegs of these pellets in one corner - one of them had been torn open and its contents spilled across the floor.  Strangely, some of the pellets glowed with a faint orange light.  On this floor they also found the locked door to a corner office and a pair of heavy, metal, double doors leading outside.  These doors were accompanied by bold warnings about venturing outside, citing dangerous fauna and possibly other, unknown perils.  Coming to the conclusion that no one else would likely be going after the linking book that had fallen into the jungle, they decided to make a note in their reports but to leave it for now.

- The corner office turned out to be secured by a D'ni puzzle-lock, and while Kat and Ries examined it, Norm and Kenta decided to look at what was below them in the 'basement' of the structure.  There, they found something of a strip-mining operation that seemed to be extracting electrically-charged crystals from underground - and heard something moving around in the darkness.

- Unable to solve the puzzle lock at the present time, the group decided to return to the canopy above and investigate further.  As they emerged from the metal building, they heard a buzzing sound approaching from the west...

Unwritten: A First Confrontation

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- The group linked through to the age of Er'cana to begin the primary evaluation they agreed to and, as perviously mentioned, immediately saw a man with a large book flee the hut that contained the linking point.  Kenta gave chase across the catwalks and platforms suspended more than 100 feet above the jungle floor between massive bamboo-like trees.  He eventually caught the man as he ran toward the edge of the platform - causing him to drop the large book he was carrying.  The man hesitated only briefly before jumping off the platform and linking away, letting the linking book he'd use flutter into the darkness of the jungle floor far below.

- Kat examined the large book Kenta had "recovered" and found it to be a Descriptive book to an Age called Malves.  The viewing panel showed circular, glass and wood buildings lining a shallow river canyon.  She told them she would need to spend some time studying the writing in the book to learn anything more about it, but it was definitely a major find.

- After a brief discussion about what had just happened, Norm decided that the presense of others in the Age represented a potential security risk and that they needed to know where the man had gone, so they decided to descend to the jungle floor to attempt to find the man's linking book.

- The group found a stairway leading down to the roof of a very solid metal building rising up out of the enormous fern-like plants covering the jungle floor.  They noted that the edges of the roof were lined with metal spikes protruding down and outward as though to keep someone or something from climbing up onto it.  They located a sturdy metal hatchway among the debris on the flat roof and opened it, seeing a staircase leading into the absolute darkness below...

Unwritten: Preparations

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- After being told about the new Age by Stephen, Norman had made his way to the office of Thomas Acklesen, a co-guildmaster of the Guild of Cartographers with whom he was on generally good terms.  After some negotiation and agreeing to perform some Primary Evaluation tasks in the Age for the Guild, Thomas agreed to let Norman and his team in a little ahead of schedule.

- From there, Norman gathered his friends to discuss the oppotunity, and then made his way to where lead explorer Loren Granville lived.  She was isolating herself as a precautionary measure, having just returned from an undocumented Age.  She gave Norman her field notes and told him she had a somewhat uneasy feeling about the place.  She also told him she doubted whether the "giants" he was searching lived there.

- Meanwhile, Kenta went looking for an acquaintance in the libraries of the Guild of Scientists.  He had previously "assisted" Reis Lennox with some sample-gathering on the shores of the cavern lake.  It took some convincing, but she agreed to accompany the group if they'd be willing to pay her a small amount for her time.

- As they gathered to make the Link to Er'cana the following morning, Thomas and Kenta learned that there had been an attempted break-in at the Guild of Cartographers' area of Tokotah I.  Kathleen, however, was greeted outsider her front door by a ghostly-white figure of a man that seemed to speak mutely before disappearing...

Unwritten: A Possible Lead

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

We began tonight's session by "finishing" characters - assigning some skills, adding a few aspects, etc.  There are still some blank spots on the sheets, but in the interest of actually playing a little we decided to leave them for now.



- Norman was in a shared study area of the Guild of Cartographer's offices in Tokotah I.  He had been writting a dull report on a recent excursion to a further-afield area of the Age of Miristenn - which unfortunately hadn't produced anything exciting - when he was interrupted by Stephen Tviet, one of the Guild explorers.  Stephen knew something about his search for the "giants" some D'ni records had suggested may have existed somewhere in the Ages, and had heard Norman's "low gravity" theory that may have made their existence possible.  It was due to this specific detail that he was there, excitedly relaying some news to Norman about a new Linking Book the Guild of Archivists had just sent for survey.  Only an initial team had so far been sent through, but one of the things they noted about this new Age was its the low gravity - just over .4g.  Stephen had thought Norman might want to talk to one of the Guild leaders about getting "first crack" at examining the new Age.

- Norman assembled the others in his "team" and the 4 of them made their way to Tokotah I early the next morning where they met a Guild representative that gave them a linking book to "Q" (a quarantine location in Ae'gura), a couple of blank linking books should they be needed, and led them the linking book to the Age of Er'cana.

- They had only just linked through when they caught sight of a man dart out of the hut that was the linking point - with a large book under his left arm...


GM's Note:

It was getting late and I really wanted to leave this session with the group seeing the unexpected person with the book running away from the linking point, mostly in order to create interest and excitement as the game had barely started.  For this reason, I played with the timeline a bit.  At the beginning of next session, we're going to go back and fill in some details between Stephen's tip and actually linking to the Age including their discussion with the Guild leader Thomas Acklesen to determine the conditions of their access to the Age, to see if they're able to talk with Loren Granville about her field notes on the initial survey, and any preparations they want to make for the excursion.  In addition, they decided they were taking another individual with them, so we'll talk about who that is.  Then we'll jump back into the current situation and what they want to do from here...

Unwritten: Session 0

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

For the first time in 1.5 years or so, a few of us got together to start a new in-person campaign.  After some talk, we decided we'd start with the Fate-based "Unwritten" - a game based on the cosmology and mythos of the Myst games that I've always loved.

Tonight we began work on characters and talked a bit about how they knew each other.



- Kathleen Isen [Sheri] :: Artistic Linguist

- Kenta [Tony] :: Primitive Survivalist

- Norman Osborn [Tim] :: Tenacious Adventuring Historian


We also put together the beginnings of an Age Library to be featured in the campaign.


Player Ages:

- The Shattered Plains :: a fractured wasteland, written by Kathleen

- Callux :: a low-gravity, giant forest that Norman has heard rumors about

- "Jargono" :: the savage swampland Kenta accidentally left via linking book

Numenera: Wreck of the Klaresh

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 Numenera artwork © Monte Cook Games
Numenera artwork © Monte Cook Games

I ran a few-shot for Sheri, Michael, Jese, Joe, and Myra over our summer vacation to SC this past week.  It took us 5 or 6 sessions, but we made it through the entire scenario (albiet without exploring every nook).

The premise was an explosion on a hillside near their town that revealed a prior-world structure. Their job was to evaluate any threats to their village it might contain.



- Kai [Sheri] :: Graceful Nano who Rides the Lightning

- Jace [Michael] :: Clever Jack who Explores Dark Places

- Madge [Jese] :: Clumsy Glaive who Absorbs Energy

- Umi [Myra] :: Aggressive Jack who Figures Things Out

- Johan [Joe] :: Obsessive Glaive who Crafts Unique Objects



- The crew geared up and traveled south across the lake and overland to the place where a thin plume of yellow-gray smoke was still pouring out of the ground.  Upon arrival, they set up and activated the virtual mapper cypher they'd been given to get a feel for the layout of the structure - having to fend off a large pack of broken hounds while it procesed.  The cypher indicated a power source near the rear of the structure and some sort of control center at the far end. Kai was able to determine this structure was some sort of craft - probably one that traveled the Night.

- Once inside, they locatred the power source, which seemed to be unstable and possibly contaminated by cross-dimensional energies.  They also found Ceril, and merchant/trader from their village who had apparently come to find any treasures the ruin contained, but was instead corrupted by the dimensional leak.  Ceril fought with the until they were eventually subdued and removed from the ruin.

- While Johan and Umi were outside with Ceril, the others discussed the next course.  Feeling the power source's unstable state may result in a collapse/meldown/explosion, the group decided to make their way to the "control center" area to see if they could stabilize it from there.

- Johan and Umi missed the marks that had been left for them and ended up an an area strangely overgrown with purple, tendril-like grass and red, fleshy "trees".  It contained a malfunctioning portal of some kind, which was arcing energy from some nearby machinery.  Umi decided to go find the rest of the group, but Johan was obsessed with wanting to understand the machinery and stayed behind.

- Meanwhile, Madge, Kai, and Jace made their way through the mid-section of the craft, through a tunnel where water was pouring down from above.  By the time they arrived at the control area, Umi had caught up with them.  As they approached the final chamber, the door closed in front of them and they saw through the window a tall, slender being with numenera weaponry also examining it.

- Jace bypassed the lock and they moved inside.  Threatened by the biomechanical soldier inside, Madge moved into the room to assist her companions and tripped, falling down.  This startled and distracted the soldier, who accidentally connected its rifle with some loose conduits in the ceiling, sending a jolt of eletrcitiy through it and momentarily stunning it.

- Umi rushed in to grab the rifle as Jace made his way to one of the consoles.  Kai and Madge moved to support Umi, whom the creature immediately began attacking when it regained its senses.

- As the others held off the soldier, Jace had a brilliant insight on how to stabilize the reactor - unfortunately, in so doing, he accidentally cut power to the console as well, and the room with all of its interfaces went dark but for red emergency lighting.

- Meanwhile, Johan, having learned all he could from the portal area, had made his way back through the power core chamber just in time to see the pulsating reactor core suddenly shrink to a stable, standby state.

- The others slipped back through the door to the control center and Jace managed to reverse the security lock such that it was unable to get out.

- Believing they had neutralized the most immediate threats, the group made preparations to return to their village and make their report

Tale of Moon & Stars: Journey's Beginning

 Ryuutama artwork © Kotodama Heavy Industries
Ryuutama artwork © Kotodama Heavy Industries

[Journal of Midori-Ryuu Izumi, exerpt]

Prelude and Day 1

Trill, Myurin, and Rok finally set out on their first Journey, and I am excited to see what they do and what life they will breathe into the tale I am weaving. 

After some discussion at the Wanderer's Guild in Brunelle (the City of Stars), they decided they would first travel to the logging village of Timber in the forest at the foot of the Crescent Island mountains.  The Guide's Aid Albert has paid them to deliver a package to his great aunt Eloise Naan in the village of Three Stones (which is on their route) as well.

The first day of their travels was blessed with good weather and easy terrain on the road west along the Bull River, though they were confronted by a young Hungry Mole which they managed to drive off.  Camp was made in a small wood the road they're following winds through, and the first night passed quietly.

Postote: This group either has particular focus or lacks a typical degree of curiosity. In any event, the songbird may not be obvious enough as a guide to push them toward discovery...

Mouse Guard 1156: Unanswered Questions

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 Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions
Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions

- As the mink rose from the pond, the group attempted to hide with only partial success.  The creature bore down on them, demanding to know who they were and why they were there.  Clove was nearly captured, but in the end the three managed to make their escape.

- Retuning to the Blue Thistle Inn, they found Nendole already tending to the sick mouse, though she didn't seem terribly interested in the moss they'd gathered.  As she tried to leave, Hakett lost his temper and grabbed her, causing her to shriek until his patrol mates freed her.

- Having seen to Tom as much as they could, the patrol left Copperwood heading back to Elmoss.  They hoped to find some sign of Tom's wife Vereena, but none was found.

- When they arrived at Elmoss, they found that the settlement had been "closed" - and was no longer recognizing or allowing entry to Guardmice...

Mouse Guard 1156: Emerging Threat

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 Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions
Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions

- The patrol headed north in search of the healer-mouse called Nendole.  As they approached the area in which her hut was rumored to reside, they encountered a number of crude, mouse-like totems hanging from the surrounding trees, and Hakett's superstition and believe in the mystical overwhelmed him - causing visual and auditory halucinations of fog and menacing crows.  The noise from his defiant cries attracted the attention of a nearby otter, whom Nipp just barely managed to convince that the armed guardmice would be more trouble than they're worth.

- Clove found the dead stump perched on the riverbank that contained the recluse's hut.  They eventually convinced the eccentric mouse to speak with them, and even got her to begrudgingly agree to help.  She sent them a bit further north to a pond to gather the necessary "springfire moss" - an plant which Nipp had never heard of.

- Locating the pond in a basin near the river, Nipp and Hakett went down to the water's edge to gather the very normal-looking moss, while Clove kept watch from the hilltop.  It wasn't long before she saw the forms of a small band of ferrets making their way through the forest directly toward their location.  More worrying, however, was the large mink now rising out of the water in front of Nipp and Hakett...

Mouse Guard 1156: Problems Festering

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 Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions
Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions

- The Patrol entered the settlement of Copperwood and made their way to the Blue Thistle Inn.  Tom's condition had continued to deteriorate, and a faint with a nasty fall rendered him all but unconscious.  Nipp attempted to help the local doctor - a young mouse called Riley - with his care, and had the physician tend to her own wounded leg as well.  Unfortunately, Tom's wife hadn't made it to the inn, much distressing the innkeeper - her brother Bander.

- Meanwhile, Clove and Hacket met with Orpha, a captain for Copperwoods army, and discovered the largest problems currently facing the settlement were the driftwood that had dislodged from a beaver dam upstream and made the harbor and docks all but unusable, and the fact that a large and irritable snapping turtle had taken up residence a little ways downstream.

- While having dinner that evening at the Grainbarrel Tavern, they patrol met up with part of another patrol led by a mouse called Marta.  She was interested to hear about the group's encounter with the ferrets and had Nipp place the location on their map as best she could.  They had come down on Gwendolyn's request to speak with the leaders of the Copperwood army about their current strength and readiness, which they were so far evaluating as mediocre - but the efforts to clear the docks had taken most of their energies.

- The next morning, Riley was waiting for Nipp.  Tom's condition had taken a bad turn in the night and his fever began to spike again.  Riley's efforts were proving ineffective, and Nipp couldn't think of anything else to try herself.  It was then that Elsie, the inn's chambermaid, hesitantly suggested that....maybe they could seek out a mouse called Nendole.  A witch that lived in the forest north of town...

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