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Saturday June 4, 2005 at 6:33pm food, gaming Comments (5) »

so last night, sheri was really wanting to try something different for dinner. after digging though a couple of cook books and making a grocery list, we went to Dice. wait. that probably doesn't make any sense. allow me to digress:

as of about a week ago, sheri and i have been thinking we should get Carcassone, but we, as of friday, hadn't yet gone to get it - mostly because sheri's all responsible and stuff and said we should get tires for her car first (which she got yesterday)... ...even though llama pointed out that we couldn't all play with her new tires. (this did lead to a short tangent that involved rolling tires and bowling balls down milligan highway, but that's not important now)
ANYWAY: having no real plans for friday night, and thinking it sounded like fun, we decided to finally go buy the game.

After getting our new game, we went to the grocery and discovered cool little gummy penguins called peng-yums and spent way too much time looking for minced garlic. After that, we came back and made chicken kiev with cheese....more or less.
We actually discovered we needed chicken breast halves and...well...have you ever tried to slice a chicken breast in half laterally? ...After that adventure, we decided we were only going to make 2 instead of the 4 the recipe called for...even though we had already done everything else for 4. Next, we discovered we had little flour bugs in our flour...so we had to make due with what little flour we had in a jar. We also realized that, according to a part of the recipe we obviously did not closely examine, it was supposed to chill for 1-24 hours before you bake it - but, being that it was 9:30pm and sheri was starving, we pretty much nixed that and stuck it in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
Amazingly, it turned out pretty good...we figure if we actually make it right next time, it could be pretty awesome.


Llama says...

Dang...i had a least another week on the pool before you broke down and got it. The 11th -13th to be exact. I guess Dr. Abner wins the pool. He does seem to have an anvantage in this sort of thing. I wonder why?

Penguinsushi says...

i think tony just implied that i have the behavioral patterns of a child... ~PS

Llama says...

You give me too much credit.

Penguinsushi says...

well, i didn't necessarily say you did it on PURPOSE...but you did imply that dr. abner - a child psychologist - has the best grasp of my thinking. ~PS

The Evilest Penguin says...

So who do we give our money to for bidding on when the next change will happen?

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