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Friday January 6, 2006 at 11:54am music Comments (1) »

A few months a few people in the church decided we should start a praise band with some of our resident musicians. We had our first couple of practices this week.

Thus far, we have Mark (drummer), Sam (guitar/vocalist) and James (djembe). Then there's me. I insisted to Mark that we have a bass player. At first we thought a friend of Sam's (Ben (aka Leroy)(it's the hair)) was going to come and play bass for us, but his schedule has proved to be a formidable foe. With him out, it was up to me. I enjoy playing bass with a band, so i wasn't at all bothered by this. I was (and am, really) willing to procure a bass for this project, but it turned out that Mark had one that he brought for me to play. It's pretty nice, though it was having some technical difficulties.

I gotta say, i miss playing in a band. We had a lot of fun. I have discovered i'm not very good at playing bass and singing harmony. yet anyway. Mark let me take the thing home with me, so i've got it to practice.

In theory, we're supposed to lead worship on Feb. 5th. This...this will be interesting. Mostly because it will be about 20-50db louder than the usual service. I fully expect at least 1/3 of the congregation to complain about this.


The Bunguin Queen says...

At LEAST 1/3 of the congregation will complain about it being too loud.... perhaps it needs to be suggested that those with hearing problems sit at the front of the sanctuary and those with good hearing sit at the back... hmm..there's a thought... that would probably cause more complaints than the loudness factor though.

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