What's the AC of nachos?

Sunday January 8, 2006 at 8:58pm food, gaming, geekdom Comments (1) »

This afternoon, Sheri and I went out to eat with Ginger and Kevin (who's been in town this weekend). We had a great time, but when it came time to pay and leave, it got a little confusing.

We were each given a seperate ticket. Kevin had a $15 gift card to be applied to the total bill, and then we would split the rest. I asked how much Sheri & I's were. Kevin said it was something like $13 and $9, but that when he took the $15 dollars off from the gift card, we all had a $40 ticket to split. I gave him a $20, but was confused. It's sunday. I don't want to do math.

Then Ginger looks at me and begins to explain:

"Look, we got hit for 53 points of damage. The gift card gives us DR 15..."

Suddenly it was all clear...


The Evilest Penguin says...

Right. Then someone cast a spell that made all 4 members of the party split the remaining damage evenly. Thus, we each took $10 of damage. And got nachos. :-D

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