Impending Volume And Random Encounters

Monday January 30, 2006 at 10:37am church, music, random encounters Comments (1) »

Last night was our area churches' 'Fifth Sunday Sing'. Everytime there's a 5th sunday, they all get together and sing to each other. Sometimes theres some goods ones, sometimes it's a joyful noise.

Anyway, some people decided that our newly-formed praise band should lead some congregational singing. This was a sort of pre-cursor to us leading sunday morning worship next week. As far as i could tell, it went over very well.

Quite possibly the coolest thing, however, was this:

(Preface: One idea behind the hatching of the praise band was that it might bring in some more people. Our church is rather small and the average age is probably 50 or so.)

While mark was unloading his drums, a guy saw him and pulled up outside the church to ask him what was going on. Apparently he had just moved up here from the Myrtle Beach area where he attended a church that had a band. Mark told him that we were just getting started, and that our first actual church appearance was tonight. The man thanked him, and said that he would be back that evening. And he was. We talked with him for a while afterwards. He said he really thought it was cool and that he was going to come next sunday as well.

Now, i'm not all about the idea behind christianity being getting people in your building on sundays, nor do i think finding a service you 'like' is the most important thing, but i thought this particular incident was pretty cool.


The Bunguin Queen says...

No, getting people into the building or finding a service you 'like' aren't the most important things... But getting people into your congregation does keep it from dying out. And if he's trying to find a church to attend it might as well be one that needs more people. ...and you'd think it'd be better for him to go than to not go at all. Fellowshiping with other Christians is a helpful and quite oftn needed experience. From what Gail said about her conversation with him God has really been working in his life lately. And while that's not always is a good thing.

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