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On friday afternoon, for the first time ever, I did something to fix a car: That is, i replaced the ignition module on sheri's car. Myself. Considering I know only slightly more about cars than i know about nueclear physics, i'm darn proud of this.

On saturday we had a pretty good gaming session. Not killing the party == pretty good. After the game, some people left, some people stayed, some people showed up. We had an interesting conversation involving everything from comedy shows to politics to psychology. Afterward, sheri and i made a midnight run to walmart for sweet potatoes.

Sunday was Easter. We went to ginger's house for lunch. We == me, sheri, tony, eric and justin. We ate lots of fried chicken and played some ninja burger, but eventually ginger got tired and my allergies were acting all crazy, so the party disbanded a bit earlier than it otherwise might have.

Later sunday evening, ginger and justin came over and the four of us played a couple games of Age of Empires 2 - world conquering at its finest. Its pretty cool that i have friends who can bring laptops over and lan game on a whim.

There were some other things i wanted to include in this blog, but i don't remember what they were. They were probably some funny quotes or something. Alas.


Llama says...

"I shall bludgeon you with chicken." -ginger "Complete discussion on creation and abilities of a frield Chicken golem." -ginger, llama, eric, justin, jared

Penguinsushi says...

No sooner has problem A with sheri's car been fixed when problem B makes its unscheduled appearance. Seems it's having brake trouble. Stupid car problems. *mumble mumble* ~PS

Penguinsushi says...

well, sheri's car has been repaired again - so i have my jeep back. That poor car - it has so many problems. I'll be happy if it lasts another year. ~PS

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