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Sunday August 6, 2006 at 7:33am mac, food, service Comments (3) »

As of yesterday afternoon, i'm now officially a mac user.

Due to some supreme timing on the part of one Kevin Poorman, I was able to, for less than the price i had originally thought the computer would cost, get a 20-inch imac upgraded to 2gb of ram, an ipod nano and a canon printer plus about $280 in rebates - making the ipod free and the printer darn close. Total savings ends up around the $500 mark and i have a *sweet* machine. Yay for tax free weekends and cleverly simulated student discounts.

This will be great once i have time to set it up. As for now, its still in the box for another 12 hours since i'll be in Erwin all day.

Also, i highly recommend the Carolina Ale House in Durham if you're ever over there. The service is fantastic. We had no fewer at least 3 employees and 1 manager going out of their way to help and amuse us.


Llama says...

Now you can fight off computer scurvy!

Mak says...

Hmm, at least you can play... oh wait that's not on Mac platform. Well, there's always... nope, that game isn't either. Ah, well. You can always fall back to that old school... nope. DOH! Darn you Mac people for making a great computer without anything fun to do on it!!!

Penguinsushi says...

I'm not much of a computer gamer, however: AOE2, a favorite of mine, does exist for mac. Unfortunately the multiplayer isn't cross-platform compatable. I'm going to blame MS for this, since it's their game. I do have the windows version running in parallels on my mac. It doesn't run beautifully, but anything from about that gaming era is playable. I also have a copy of Quake 4 for mac, though i haven't messed much with getting it working yet. ~PS

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