We are the Board, you will be assimilated

Tuesday January 9, 2007 at 12:12pm church Comments (0) »

So I guess I'm a deacon at our church now. That's pretty hilarious. I'm trying to decide if this is an indication that they just don't know me very well yet or not.

Went to my first Bored Metting last night. Trust me, that's the operative spelling.

So I'm kind of wondering how this is going to go.

For the time being I've taken up a philosophy of not saying much until I get a feel for the group. Not that I think I'll have much to say on the majority of the "issues" that are brought up. Sooner or later, however, I'm sure someone's gonna bring something up that I'm going to have a rather strong and unpopular opinion about. Then things will get...interesting.

Also, I have very little patience for beaurocracy and formality. The sheer amount of miscommunication I have witnessed baffles me. At one point there were 4 people discussing a section of the bylaws: all saying essentially the same thing, yet the no one seemed to understand any of it. After about 20 minutes of this, I considered trying to arbitrate by saying something like 'i think we're all saying X' - but I figured if they didn't understand the others by this point, they weren't going to understand me and I didn't feel like adding to the fiasco.

I'm more than willing to serve the church and our congregation in any way I can. Whether I can survive the beaurocracy with my sanity intact remains to be seen.


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