Triumphs and Nachos

Sunday February 4, 2007 at 9:57pm auto repair, gaming, our house, painting, food, video games Comments (3) »

A mere 19 hours after its ignition switch broke in the lowes parking lot, my jeep was up and running again - thanks to my jeep manual, a local junk yard, some special tools and the tremendous driving efforts of our friend ginger.

So, once again, we have a car to drive. Sheri's is still in the shop, awaiting some diagnosis.

Despite the jeep's crisis, we still had our game on saturday (a bit late). It was a good session.

Today we didn't have to stay in erwin. Instead, we came back here and put the first coat of paint on the hallway. It's looking pretty darn good.

After the painting, we did NOT watch the superbowl. Seems none of us care much about it. Imagine that.

Instead, we had some nachos with cheese/meat/tomato dip (recipe ala kevin) for dinner and played some serious mario kart. We have proven that Sheri makes the meanest yoshi ever.


The Bunguin Queen says...

of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! I didn't really INTEND to be the meanest Yoshi ever....It just kinda...happened

Penguinsushi says...

I cannot say with !00% certainty that those nachos were entirely safe. A few of us had some minor to sever issues after eating them. I, for one, felt completely terrible from about 3:30am the next morning until last night. Be advised. Food poisoning is not your friend. ~PS

Penguinsushi says...

48 hours after we fixed the ignition switch, the battery decided that 7 degrees at 7 years was just too much - and it died. Jeep's battery has now been replaced however, and we're up and running again - at least for the moment. ~PS

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