Historic Site: Post-it Yoshi's Remains.

Friday March 23, 2007 at 1:13pm funny, friends Comments (3) »

Well, this was somewhat unforseen.

Seems our house (specifically, our livingroom) has become a tourist site.

Tony stopped by a little while ago on his way out of town - with two friends of his from canada. Allow me to go on a brief tangent to say that Scott and Dave drove 14 hours out of their way just to come get Tony here in TN before heading to IN.

They all came in and we talked for a bit - 'hi, nice to meet you, isn't llama odd?', etc - but then they wanted to go into the living room to see the wall where the monumentous Post-it Yoshi (which they had seen photographs of) once stood. They stared in awe at the empty space - imagining what it must have been like. They were further moved by the artifact remains of the Yoshi itself, carefully preserved on a shelf near the site.

Now all I need is one of those gray 'historic site' markers that are all over the place here.

With a few misspellings on it - just to follow suit.


Llama says...

We have kicked around the idea of setting up a stand and selling T-Shirts and individual post-its on a Saturday. I think it sounds fun.

Penguinsushi says...

Alas, but I don't think we'd sell too many. Sadly, relatively few local people know of the significance of this historical site. Odds are we'd mostly get a garage-sale-ing crowd. Trying to explain to a 46-year-old woman who's trying to haggle you down to 15c on your weird t-shirt what a post-it yoshi is (much less its historical significance) would be a challenge, to say the least. ~PS

The llama says...

Hmmmm......WORTH IT!

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