GitP Gathering: June 30 - July 1st 2007

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This last weekend was a blast. Those of us here in Johnson City, TN who are members of the GitP Forums all got together and also hosted several out-of-state members for the two-fold purpose of getting to meet each other in person and having a lot of fun.

I would say our mission was a complete success.

Sadly, not everyone who wanted to was able to come, but those of us who were present had an awesome time.

The meetup started friday night as we converged upon Llama's apartment. I believe Jerry was the first to arrive. Amanda and Ginger had also arrived by the time I got there around 8:00pm. Justin (who I'm told is Lord Xerxes on the board, but whom I've not actually encountered there) was also around, as it was his house too.
We tried to play a game of Kubb, but it got called on account of lightening. We had just begun a game of Apples to Apples when Ron arrived, so we dealt him in.
After some games and a run to the grocery store for refreshing beverages, some of our company departed to Ging's place for the evening. Llama was trying valiantly to stay awake on the couch while me & Jerry talked about random stuff until about 3am when Dave finally arrived.

On saturday, we went over to Ginger's place for breakfast around 10am for breakfast. From there, we went over to the Greenwood Challenge Course to use their little pavilion and field for some grilling out and playing Kubb. There we met up with Robb (who got the place for us), Edie and Ken. We spent the afternoon playing Kubb, eating grilled goodness and generally having a good time. I took a lot of pictures (see the gallery) with Ginger's spiffy camera. I kinda want one of those.

After we left our outdoor meeting location, we proceeded to Ginger's church's basement (where the Just Coffee coffeehouse is) for the evening where some of the group played the OotS board game and a couple played some other board games. Sheri, Llama, Ron and I played a D&D one-shot I'd made up a while back. It was pretty fun.

After church on Sunday, we met up with the group here where we did a little more grilling (with our spiffy new gas grill!) and hung out and talked until people needed to leave.

All in all, it was one of the coolest things I've done. :-) I am so looking forward to doing it again. Like I said after meeting Ceika and the Hippie (the first time), it was so cool to get to meet people from other states you'd only talked to online - especially when they are so much fun to hang out with.


Happy & Tired Llama says...

Wow! What a weekend. I'm thrilled you had such a great time, PS. It really was a wonderful time. I'm shocked you didn't mention your Kubb victory against me and Amanda. That was amazing.

Evil Penguin, Good Host says...

You know, for not having a plan, it all worked out pretty well. Though I don't know what we'd have done if any more folks had wanted to show up. :)

Sardine maker llama says...

Well, the floor by my bed is good for sleeping on, provided the person on the bed doesn't wake up before you and step on you.

Penguinsushi says...

Oh yeah. I was trying to summarize by not mentioning too many of the minor things, so I didn't really point out anything that happened after people started leaving. Still, Ron and I did manage to come back from 0 kubbs to win that first game against you and Amanda. I mean, we quickly lost the second two games, but hey - it was cool. Yeah, I had a fantastic time. It (the gathering) went better than I could have hoped. ~PS

The Evilest Penguin says...

I love how the shot you took of Paddington doesn't show how chunky he is. ;)

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