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Well, as of wednesday, Ally has had her vet checkup and shots - she seems to be in great health. We did get some preventative and just-in-case medicine for her and some flea medication.

The vet also said she doesn't think Ally's pregnant - which is something we were concerned about since she's gained some weight lately (which really isn't a bad thing considering how thin she was).

The vet out here at the Good News clinic is really good and really nice - and she and all the techs *loved* Ally - who put up with everything they did with nothing more than a squeak. She also very much enjoyed the cookies they gave her - which she'd never had as far as we know.

She even made a friend - the vet's dog was wandering around the place and tried to play with Ally some while we were getting ready to leave. At first she seemed to be confused by this concept of "play", but she caught on after a bit.

Ally seemed to be in good spirits when we left the vet and was also excited to be home.

Later, Sheri & I went to Petsmart and got her a new collar (the old one was getting ratty), a name tag with our phone number (which was about time) and a brush to get some of the loose fur off of her - which we noticed when we gave her a bath on tuesday.

So I think she should be all set. :-)


The Evilest Penguin says...

Ally's the opposite of Anselm then. Anselm usually puts up so much fight that two vet techs take him into the back so I don't see what they have to do to restrain the little devil. (Though last time he was surprisingly non-violent.)

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