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Saturday September 8, 2007 at 10:44am photography Comments (0) »

I finally got the pictures. :-)

Ginger, Sheri and I went out to Sycamore Shoals last monday - each of us with a camera. Ginger brought her film SLR (complete with fun lenses) and let me use her digital and Sheri brought our digital point-and-shoot.

It was great fun, despite the fact it was a little warm still. We had almost an hour of decent light - depending on where we were and what one was trying to photograph.

I've found that I really enjoy an artistic approach to photography (as opposed to merely taking pictures for the sake of having a picture of X). I experimented with some of the nifty functions on Ginger's camera but, despite the fact that I know how most of them work, I don't have enough photographer's intuition yet to actually think of the best settings for a given shot.

Anyway, I posted some small images of some of the shots I thought turned out the best. They're in the Still Life gallery.

I hope I/we get a chance to do that again...


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