Theocratic Trickery

Tuesday September 11, 2007 at 12:00pm church, committees Comments (4) »

So I've been hoodwinked and hornswoggled into being the chairman of the worship committee at church. I didn't even want to be on a committee, let alone in charge of it.

Here's a paraphrase of how it all went down:

Last Month:

Toby: "Jared, can we have you start reporting to the board on what the worship committee talks about?"

Me: "Uhm, I guess so. Just tell you what they talked about or decided?"

Toby: "Yeah, that's it."


Nancy: "So who's the chairman of our committee?"

Toby: "Jared is."

Me: "Who what now? When did this happen?"

Toby: "Last month."

Me: "All I said was that I would tell you what they talked about."

Toby: "That makes you chairman."

Me: "You sir, are lawful evil."

In all honesty, I did kind of see it coming. I mean, Toby got me to be a deacon in much the same way. Still, my modus operandi dictates that, until something is explicitly stated, I don't act on/with it.

So yeah, my involvement in the church leadership continues to expand. That's pretty hilarious.


The greedy llama says...

Does that come with a raise?

Penguinsushi says...

I'm making double what they were paying me before... ~PS

The Evilest Penguin says...

Will that cover your Advil Headache expenses?

The LLama of Justice says...

The secret now is to use your power to leverage for benefits, such as "The board has agreed that since it is vitally important for the Chairman to be able to speak at a moment's notice, I will be provided with a 24 pack of refreshing Pepsi at each meeting."

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