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So, in case you haven't seen the gallery, I've been having a lot of fun with my camera since I got it in december. I haven't really had the chance to go to many interesting places to shoot as yet, but I've been having fun with what's around.

For anyone who's interested, I've also found a few camera/photography blogs/sites that I've found to be very entertaining and informative:
- OnTakingPictures
- CameraPorn
and, to some extent,
- PhotoJojo.

One of them recently had an article about Canon celebrating producing its 40 Millionth EF lens - which included the picture here, which, in turn, elicited ooh's & ahh's from some of us. So then I got to thinking about lenses i'd like to get at some point. My 28-135 IS lens is a great multipurpose lens - but it doesn't do everything as well as I'd like, so ideally, i'd like to eventually get about 4 others (probably in something like this order):

- A Normal prime wide-aperture lens. Basically, a 50mm lens that can open up as wide as possible (something like f/1.4) for low-light situations (since i generally don't like using flash) and for fine depth-of-field.

- A nice Telephoto IS zoom lens. Something like a 100-300/400mm. This is the only zoom lens i'm really after as i think using a telephoto prime would be a bit difficult for me. IS is necessary since i intend to use it hand-held (at least through the shorter part of its range).

- A good Macro lens. I've found I really enjoy doing super close-ups. My lens can focus at about 8", but having a super-close-focusing lens with some good magnification would be lots of fun.

- A nice Wide-angle prime. Preferably somewhere in the 14-20mm range. Since my camera has a cropped sensor (1.6 flm), the shorter the better. This would be nice for cramped-quarters (indoor) and landscapes.

I do have specifics in mind for most of those, but by the time I'm able to afford any of them, there may be more options available. I still periodically add stuff to my wishlists on to keep up with the options. I'll also want to get a nice flash eventually, though I'd prefer to use fast lenses instead where possible.


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