Some fun with HDR

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Some fun with HDR Image

This is my first attempt at the HDR technique. It's got plenty of flaws and I haven't bothered posting an image at any higher res, but i'm pretty happy with the theory and the general result. I didn't play with it a whole lot, I just wanted to see what could be done on the surface. If and when I find a more interesting subject, I'll spend considerably more time on it.

Still, it's a good start I think.



What's HDR?? High Definition Resolution? Hot Dog Robbery?

Penguinsushi says...

hahaha. Hot dog robbery. HDR == High Dynamic Range. HDR is a digital photography technique whereby multiple shots of the same scene taken at different exposure levels are blended together to create an image with the correct exposure for every part of the image when those exposure values are wildly different. Look at the picture above. Since the light levels vary so much over the scene, any one exposure cannot be correctly metered for the whole thing - basically, if you stood there and took a single picture, either the sky would be terribly blown out (nearly or completely white), or the tree would be black but for the brightest parts (or some average of the two). The picture i posted isn't the best definitive example by a long shot, but if you look at it, you'll notice that the exposure of the picture is something like correct for the entire scene - even though the sky was bright blue, and the lower part of the tree was in shadow. Like i said, this was just me playing around. Done by people who are really good at it, these sorts of pictures can be *amazing* and often seem to look surreal, yet, in some ways, more like you would actually view the scene with your eyes. See also: Wikipedia: High Dynamic Range Imaging ~PS

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