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As I mentioned a while back, I've been cleaning out the office closet. Well, as of yesterday, it's as cleaned out as it's gonna get. Freed up a lot of room in there by tossing a bunch of junk and boxing up the stuff i don't want to chuck just yet. It was during this massive excavatory (not a word, should be) undertaking that I unearthed this priceless treasure.

The experts are still debating the artifact's authenticity - see, it's not *exactly* like the legends depict. Still, it is undeniably very, very close. If past experience can tell me anything, I figure this object has the potential to make me rich beyond all necessity - if I can just get to Hyrule somehow. Everyone knows that empty, corked, glass bottles are by far the most valuable commodities in that realm.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who knows how to get to Hyrule, and even if I did, it would probably be in the midst of some tyrannical rule or buried beneath the sea knowing my luck. Then I'd have to find the Hero of Time and/or wait 7 years or somesuch. Yeah, and then he'd probably just take my bottle in the name of 'saving the world' or something. Pssssh. Maybe I could at least make him beat me in several, annoying swimming races first...

Anyway, given the circumstances, despite it's obvious and undeniable pricelessness, this wondrous item will probably remain here on my desk, collecting dust. And any faeries I happen to come across.


In other news, we've made some progress in cleaning up other parts of the house as well - the land of Spare 'Oom is looking much better thanks to Sheri's efforts, and the basement is getting tidied a bit as well. This is partially in preparation for the upcoming GitP meetup (t minus 5 weeks and counting).

This weekend we are to have a sort of going-away party for Eric and Kevin will be in town to celebrate his birthday and graduation with us. Should be pretty fun all around.


Valiant Turtle says...

I love that pic. You should try to get one in 3D using the link that was on digg earlier today.

Llama says...

Now we have to go hiking so we can see if we find any faeries in the tall grass. Its either that or we can smash every jar/vase/clay pot we find in Jared's house, but even if we did that and successfully found a faerie, we'd have to use it immediately because Sheri would probably kill us.

The boy across the sea says...


The boy across the sea says...

I wander if there are faeries in Iraq. I'll keep my eyes open!

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