Rediscovered Music: part 139

Wednesday August 27, 2008 at 1:14pm music Comments (0) »

Every so often i find something old, buried in the depths of my playlist, that I haven't heard for a long time - and that, for whatever reason, I enjoy re-hearing immensely. For today's installment, the album by Skypark - Am I Pretty?. This is/was one of the few christian groups I actually enjoy.

Random selections:

Shelter. These lyrics fit so well with the crunchy, bluesy guitar riff over which they're laid:

Lies provide me no shelter
pain, no comfort
violence gives me no pleasure
shame, no treasure

i could never entertain the thought that things were better back in egypt...

Accomplishing quite a jump three tracks later, the goofy Starbucks Girl, which includes the narrative line:

i remember the first time i walked into starbucks, and i thought 'you know, this could be love - or maybe it's just really good coffee...''


Anyway, how's that for a random excerpt from my semi-conscious?

Tune in next time, kids...


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