Mid-March Pt. I - VBS, etc

Monday March 23, 2009 at 7:55pm vbs, photography, sick Comments (0) »


Well, despite the fact that I'm still just a *little* sickish and i'm looking at a very busy work week, i guess i finally have some time to breath.

Last week our church had VBS, which went well. This year, I got lucky. I was present only as tech support and photographer - which basically meant i set up the projector, etc every day and then went around and took pictures of the different classes. I'm not sure I took as many shots this year (as i did last year), but i think the ones i have are better - both because i now have a decent flash and because I have another year of experience. A couple shots i think are really good or interesting in and of themselves (which i might post on here at some point) and quite a few 'decent' shots that are good as a VBS collage.

I did start to get sick toward the end of the week unfortunately. Thursday and friday mornings were pretty bad, but i was feeling better by the evenings and so didn't have to miss anything fun... ...and i think i still got my work done. It really wasn't too bad. I usually only get sick once or twice a year, so hopefully this counts.


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