Behold, Version 8!

Thursday May 7, 2009 at 5:57pm website Comments (2) »

So, it had been about a year or so since I redesigned this site, and I felt that the time had come. I mean, more than a year with one design is about 4 times as long as they usually go.

I liked my previous design a lot. I spent a lot of time on it and I thought it looked really nice (probably why it lasted so long). Still, my urge to redesign was not something I could ignore, and I think this design is at least as good and probably a bit better. *I* like it better, anyway.

This version of the site has a lot of more sophisticated functions than the previous incarnation. Some of that might be apparent to you all, some of it won't be.

Anyway, here it is!


EDIT: Also, I should point out that I'm a terrible webmaster, as I forgot the site's birthday this year. Yeah, I'm in trouble. Anyway, Sushiday the 4th was back on Feb 1st - taking the site to 4 years up and running.

hippie says...

I likes it Jared. Might need to see if you could help me design one someday. Of course that precludes that I had soemthing that I felt needed posting... and the motivation to keep it updated... and not forget passwords and such...

Penguinsushi says...

Thanks. :) And, sure - i'm generally more than willing to help with friends' projects. And really, who has stuff that *needs* posting? It's mostly just a personal log and a way for your friends to know what you're up to if they're interested... know, before the advent of Facebookery... ~PS

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