Penguin Dice Box

Thursday February 3, 2011 at 9:20pm cleaning, gaming, ruchtcon Comments (0) »
Penguin Dice Box Image

I am rather easily amused.  Especially by interesting boxes and containers.

Pictured to the right is my new dice container for the roleplaying games I'm in (as a player).  Someone (and I'm trying to remember who) gave me four (4) tins of Penguin mints a while back.  I've only eaten a few of them (mainly because a) i'm not all that fond of pepperment and b) these things are strong), but as I was cleaning out the office closet today, I happened upon the tins and noticed something: these boxes (about the same size as an Altoids tin) are exactly tall enough to contain a normal d20.  Upon further experimentation, I discovered that the boxes are sized such that they can neatly hold about 14-18 dice, which is enough for 2 standard sets plus an additional die or two.  The size and shape of the box also makes it easy to carry in a pocket or the blue notebook box thing I generally carry.  Plus, it has a penguin.  How could it be more perfect?

As I partially alluded to before, I spent most of today cleaning out a closet, a filing cabinet drawer, a bookshelf and my desk.  The end results are a basically organized gaming drawer, a clean workspace, some new dice containers, and a bedside shelf.

I've also been kicking around some game proposal ideas for RuchtCon II, which is now officially scheduled for March 25th-27th.


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