I Would Walk 500 Miles

Monday May 2, 2011 at 6:38pm hiking Comments (2) »
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...well, maybe not quite. Still, I would, in fact, walk, and "miles" would indeed be somehow involved in this ambulation.  I don't think I'll commit to a number just now.


Robb & I took advantage of the nice weather this last weekend to go on a day hike up to Laurel Falls.  It's a nice trail we've hiked a few times - thought I'd personally never been out there in the morning.  The falls looks considerably different in the a.m. as the morning light shines directly on it and the hillside above.

As we were enjoying the woods, our casual conversation jumped around to a great many things, which is one of the many enjoyable aspects of such a trip.  Included therein was a discussion of hiking itself and of longer, more involved trips.  We've decided we'd both like to do some multi-day backpacking hikes again at some point.  I have quite a few fond memories of trips with my dad and other friends into the Smokies and, despite the fact that our busy lives make this difficult, we're hoping to be able to stretch a long weekend - perhaps with one or two other interested parties - to take on such an adventure sometime in the next few years.  It would be pretty awesome.


hippie says...

The hikings... they must happen. I will check into permits and such for Grayson Highlands, and see if we might get somthing arranged for this fall at the LATEST!

Penguinsushi says...

The feasibility of this fall depends greatly on munchkin. We'll see... ~PS

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