Edisto Beach + HDR

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Edisto Beach + HDR Image

So we just got back from a little mini-vacation out to Edisto Beach, SC with my sister & parents.  We don't get to do "vacation" stuff very often.  I'd comment on whether Hannah had a good time, but I think she slept through 90% of it.  We certainly loved it though.

In fact, I'm kind of bummed now that I'm back to the norm.  I don't think I was quite ready.  Maybe I needed more than a 3-day weekend.


Apart from the typical fun of a vacation, I've got a point of potential interest.  My dad & I got to talking about HDR photography (mostly asking what it was) and I, of course, had my camera and had been taking a lot of pictures.  When I pulled them all onto my computer last night, I noted one or two that I thought could benefit from this technique.  Manipulating the RAW images into some pseudo-bracked exposures, I made a couple of composites which I think turned out pretty well.  I didn't do anything particularly special, but the process at least makes the photos a bit more like what I was actually looking at.

• Ocean At Sunset

• Beach Path (shown here)


Also, I played beach kubb for the first time - which was pretty awesome.  A word of caution, however: this version has some new hazards.



LLama says...

Beach Kubb sounds awesome, even with the extra hazards. Also, Ocean at Sunset is beautiful!

Penguinsushi says...

Playing kubb on the beach as the tide was coming in was definitely interesting. Our playing field shrunk to about 1/2 size between games 1 and two and, as you could see, some of the bigger waves were reaching past the edge of the field - occasionally threatening to wash about sticks and blocks. It was an interesting mechanic though. Actually, worse than the tide was the *wind*. It was blowing pretty good - enough to blow your stick 2+ feet off the mark. ~PS

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