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Well, it's August.

In The Works

I haven't been on here much lately, have I?  I have found that, generally speaking, when I'm working on a new site design, I tend to begin neglecting the current incarnation - even though I'm going to migrate everything to the new layout (so it's not as if anything would be "lost" or "wasted"). I'm not 100% sure why this is, but I suspect it comes from my subconscious desire to finalize framework and structure before I bother with such dressings as "content"...   ...even if that's the point.  I'm making a conscious effort to supercede this tendency now.

Trogland 7

So, about a month and a half ago, Trogland 7 happened.  As I mentioned before, this was our first year trying to be completely organized on the front-end instead of just "winging it" based on what feels right at the time.  I think we were 90% successful.  The registration site did it's job, funds were collected and adequate, and I think it was less stressful all-around for most people - perhaps myself excluded.

The meetup itself was, as always, a lot of fun.  I ran two games and, as is now expected, spent most of saturday taking photos of the event.


The first game I ran was something I dubbed "Gaslamp Vanguard", and was a steampunk-inspirted indiana-jones style adventure game using the new Fate Core rules set.  I really liked Fate when I played it in Dresden, and the still more free-form approach this new publication puts out is even better for someone like me who likes to "tweak" rules/systems/settings.  The game itself was a lot of fun, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  The scenario was actually the second game I've fun based on a young adult book called "The Door in the Dragon's Throat" - because I think the premise therein is awesome as an rpg.

Little Fears II

The other game I ran was a sequel to last year's wildely successful Little Fears game (once again, using my modified "v1.5" rules) - by popular demand.  I don't think it was quite the homerun of last year's (at least, I didn't actually scare people), but it was a different part of the story, and I think it was still a great game.  This session was less about the tension and fear, and more about realization and deciding on action.  It still had some pretty creepy moments though.  I plan the "end of the trilogy" next summer, which will probably involve the "party" diving headlong into Faerie.


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