Sandstorm: Moving On

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Naglish, the ghost of an abandoned prisoner, had waylaid the party.  He was threatening Tisroc with revenge for wrongs perpetrated against him by the noble house to which Tisroc was attached.  As Alina attempted to talk him down, the ghost animated the chains of the dungeon to begin attacking and attempting to bind Tisroc and Glitch.  Alina's line of reasoning was not able to satisfy the ghost, but it did convince him that his attack on the party wasn't worthwhile.  He eventually ceased manifesting and disappeared into the ether, but not before piercing his ghostly sword through Tisroc's heart.  The metaphysical attack seemed to affect Tisroc's mind and eventually caused him to fall unconscious.

After reviving Tisroc and taking a few moments to recover, the party headed up to exit the citadel.  Alina decided to take Naglish's remains out of the citadel and bury them.  Upon entering the great entry hall, they called up to Selkin that they were leaving.  As they approached the exit, however, they were attacked by a group of hobgoblins who began firing upon them from the far side of the drawbridge.

Glitch immediately ran out to engage them and Alina followed shortly, but Tisroc (who was already worn down from previous encounters) decided to hang back in the entry hall.  It was at this point that he was ambushed by Jask, one of the bandits.  Putting a dagger to Tisroc's throat, he demanded the gem Selkin had given to the party.  Tisroc willingly gave up the ruby, and Jask took off - running past the hobgoblins and out of the area.  Not too long afterward, there was a great impact upon the citadel from some unseen source which caused the rotten drawbridge to give way, taking a few hobgoblins with it as it fell down into the gorge.  After the hobgoblins had been completely routed, the party contemplated how to get down with the bridge missing, eventually deciding on the use of Tisroc's Feather Fall magic.

The party camped at the base of the citadel, recovered the rest of their strength and began discussing what to do next.  Selkin and the remaining bandits bid them fairwell as they left the area.  Alina was able to bury Naglish's remains and the group began planning what to do next.  They contemplated traveling to Adther, The Dead Forest, to see what had become of the refugees from the abandonded settlement, but the information they had gained from the epitaph in the crypt mentioned the settlement called Drakol, known as The Crag.  Perhaps more could be learned there...


party levels to 6

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