London 1802: Broken Ties

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Upon entering the main hall of the cathedral, the group witnessed the heart of London's darkness.  A shadowy, ragged cloak-like shape hovered beneath the dome in a vortex of swirling air currents.  They also noticed a figure slumped over the altar at the front and could just make out another figure collapsed in a large chair in one of the antechambers.

Molly raised her pistol - the bronze one with the golden cross dangling from it's handle - to take aim at the floating shape above, and pulled the trigger.

The cloak-like shape swirled downward to engage the intruders - launching chapel benches, animating statues and even puppeting the body of Lord Caspar - dead figure in the chair antechamber.  Robert and Gerald also seemed to experience some space/time anomalies which transported them to some other location, showing them bizarre scenes and events.  Ultimately they were able to defeat the apparition - in large part thanks to Molly's effective use of Lance's spirit pistol - as the cathedral continued to crumble.

After the final wraith was banished back into the Shadow World, the storm ouside seemed to subside - but distant thunder continued to rumble - thunder they later discovered was actually gunfire.  French soldiers had made a beachhead at the London docks and were attempting to move in and take the city, only to incounter unexpected and horrific resistance in the form of maddened sailors, goblin-like creatures and other unspeakable things - giving local soldiers enough time to mobilize to fend off the remains of the badly demoralized and retreating force.  King George would later laud the "Spirit of the City" as being responsible for terrifying the witless French - a miracle from God which allowed the English to prevail.  The Treaty of Amiens having been broken, plans for repelling further French attacks - and even the possibilites of a foreign offensive - are being discussed in the Hall of Lords.

The group returned to the bathhouse to recover.  Over the successive weeks, things seemed to be calming down.  Strangely, it was the city regaining its normalcy that made clear to them more than any other event just how far from the mundane world they had come - and they could not go back.

[end campaign arc]

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