Sandstorm: Decay

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- Rynbel showed Tisroc The Array - a sensitive monitoring device showing shifts, trends and relationships between various aspects of magic.

- The wizards pointed out the erratic behavior of the representation of the Water aspect.  Also, they have noticed some aberrations in Fire, Cold, Conjuration and Transmutation.

- A tremor shook the Tower; Honch (the butler) informed them that it was caused by an explosion in the Upper Halls.  The blast had killed three prominent members of the Merchant Guild.  He also told them that the cause of the explosion was fleeing the area, heading in this direction.

- Upon questioning, the wizards told the group that Honch is what they call a Puremind - a rare type of individual who can pull information from some aether of the cosmos, especially relating to partiularly consequential events.

- The party goes down to the street where they see a group of the Vigilants running downward; Alina also heard a voice call out for someone called "Garkov".

- In the street, two of the Vigilants were standing watch over the body of one of the men fleeing the scene of the explosion whom they'd shot in the back with a crossbow.  Upon closer examination, it turned out to be Olin.

- The following morning, the group returned to the Ledge looking for Tovi, but the place was empty.

- Tisroc spent most of the day researching magic, attempting to expand his knowledge.

- Alina visited the Temple of the Stars where the priest presiding over the daily service was speaking about being watchful against the evil that had crept into the city and how the faithful must drive it out.  It reminded Alina of the rhetoric she heard in Rynthis after the high priest's death.

- Alina and Glitch visited The Lodge where they spoke to a man about crafting a special bow for Glitch.

- Alina and Glitch returned to the Sandstone Tower where they attempted to occupy themselves while Tisroc studied.

- Honch came to tell them that they had a visitor just before there was a knock on the front door.  Upon answering, they found Tovi, nearly in tears, pleading with them to do something about the Priests and Vigilants who were killing innocents down in the Tunnels.

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