Sandstorm: No Longer Safe

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- with the help of the sphinxes, the party continued their journey over the Jagged Crown mountains toward the settlement called Belurn, the Stone Door.  From there, they intended to take the tunnel road down to Gullow.

- during the journey, Alina realized she had contracted some kind of infection - probably as a result of her injuries from the rats of the Tanir tunnels.  She was able to shake off the illness in a couple of days, however, and there was no real problem.

- they party did realize, however, that they would need to be more careful with their supplies of water from now on as Alina informed them that creating it magically was no longer easy.

- upon arriving at their destination, the sphinxes wished them well and thanked them again for their previous aid.

- as the group entered the settlement, they spoke with some sort of guardsman about the town and recent events. 

- they learned that the structure which was being built outside the town was the work of "The Avatar" - a creature sent by Anubis - who had said the settlement needed a proper temple and that the temporary walls they had noticed were constructed to help fend off an attack by a force of hobgoblins and gnolls which they'd resisted a few weeks earlier. 

- they also learned that the Stone Door itself had been sealed about 3 years ago.  Apparently it was "no longer safe" and that some reptile-like savages had come out and attempted to raid the settlement.

- the group entered the town, heading toward an in called First Light.  as they crossed an open marketplace, Glitch noticed another automaton standing motionless near its center.

- Glitch approached and examined the figure - it was in quite a state of disrepair.

- as he looked at it, the automaton seemed to wake up, and began talking with him.  Glitch asked the other golem to come with them, and the group continued toward the inn.

- the group enjoyed some food, relaxed for the evening, and talked with one of the miners who had been present when the lizard-men attacked.

- Alina later went to see the mines and the Stone Door - listening to see if she could hear anything like what was described by the miner.  She could not.

- Tisroc and Glitch went to the debris field outside town to scavenge for materials with which to repair the damaged automaton.

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