Sandstorm: A City Fallen

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- once back in Belurn, the party quietly returned to First Light to get some rest.

- the next morning, Marl came to talk to Tisroc - the menacing army was approaching and he thought he knew a way to circumvent the Stone Door by going through the mines.

- Alina was troubled by some and the realization that Nephthys' power had left her.  She insisted they go to speak with Danhon, a local priest of Anubis.

- While they were speaking with him, they heard a sudden roar as Perol's barrier gave way.  Running outside, they saw the monstrous army pouring into the city.

- As they descended from the crypt entrance where they'd met Danhon, they saw Perol and a few of his mysterious followers running toward them.  

- the Thoth-like figure they had seen before suddenly flickered into existence ahead them.  Its presence seemed to surpress the light around them to a degree, and it seemed to be drowning in the thick, black sludge which was oozing from its eyes, mouth and various wounds.

- Perol's men began surrounding the figure and invoking some sort of ritual as it lashed out at them.

- When the encounter began to go poorly, Perol knelt and invoked another sort of rite, which seemed to dilate time as it called forth another being.  The figure that appeared was tall and muscular with the head of a donkey.  Like the Thoth-like being, it was surrounded by faint, glowing runes and it, too, oozed a black viscous liquid - though to a much lesser degree as it bled only from wounds in its forarms.  As the figure approached, it didn't seem to walk so much as blur and fade from one position to the next.

- The new figure ignored Perol and his supplications, making some comment that he was of no more use.  Instead, it approached Alina.  It showed her the masses of people cowering in buildings all around them and told her that he cared nothing for them - but that he would save them if she would swear her allegiance to him.

- Alina skeptically asked who he was, a question to which he only responded "I am the only one left."  Tisroc, however, recognized his form immediately as that of Set.

- After Alina's rejection, the figure departed suddenly and the roar of battle poured back into their senses.  They ran with Marl toward the mines.

- At the mines they discovered most of the town taking refuge in this slightly-more-defensable area.  Feeling there was nothing more they could do to help the citizens of Belurn, they followed Marl deep into the mine shafts.  As they located the gap Marl was sure would lead them to the Deep Road, the party knew that whatever was to befall the poor people hundreds of feet above them was already happening.

- The group climbed up and through the hole into a hewn chamber, and collapsed the wall behind them.  They then followed the corridor out to the Road.

- They traveled for some time before having to deviate into an adjoining natural cavern due to a cave-in.  As they tried to circumvent the rubble, they encountered a group of reptilian humanoids fighting off some giant scorpions.  The group decided to aid the lizard men.

- After the battle, they learned that their new "friends" were from a place called Makarth - a city deep under the ground.  They'd been scouting when they were cut off by something that arrived in the tunnel and reshaped it into an impassible maze.

- It took only a little more conversation for the group to learn that Makarth had been Gullow - apparently "reclaimed" by a large tribe of these lizard men who felt their territory was rightly theirs.  Humans still dwelled there, however, and the leader told them he would ensure they were granted entry if they could help he and his men return.

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