Sandstorm: Inner Demons

Saturday August 20, 2011 at 2:00pm d&d, sandstorm, game session notes Comments (0) »

- Party continued with their new lizard companions, though their relationship was a bit tenuous.

- the group was split by some kind of illusion as the lizard men began walking through the corridor walls and eventually even the party found themselves somewhere wildly improbable.

- the party continued through a variety of unusual locations including an outdoor(?) garden lined with worn deific statues, a massive library dedicated to esoteric demonology and the burial site of an ancient being responsible for the creation of Glitch and the other automatons.

- eventually, they ended up in a large bronze chamber filled with gold where a giant minotaur was waiting for them - promising only death at the labrynth's center.  After the insuing battle, the group dove out through the opening behind the cracked, bronze throne as the chamber collapsed and found themselves once again in the Deep Road corridor.  They were shortly joined by Kthkash, the lizardmen leader, and one other of his group.

- Kthkash began speaking of a dragon they had fought together and asked how the party managed to esacpe from it.  The group was confused, but Kthkash seemed to be a bit warmer to them due to this "event", and they decided not to push it since they would need his help to enter the city.  They also decided that perhaps not everything was as it seemed in the labrynth so little could be safely trusted or doubted.

- the group continued to Makarth where even Kthkash was surprised at the "security measures" being taken.  The party was forced to surrender their weaponry before they would be granted entrance to the town and the number of armed reptiles on active duty was surprising.

- just inside, they were approached by a young boy selling apples.  Tisroc found this odd since he clearly didn't have any apples on him and there was no realistic way for him to acquire them deep underground.  

- After conversing with him further, the boy led them through some back alleys of the city to a hidden room where they encountered members of some kind of human resistance group - among them was a man called Emeric...

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