Sandstorm: Beginnings Within Ends

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- the party continued speaking with human resistance and specifically emeric

- Alina noticed Fae was tending to someone who was, presumably, injured in the next room and tried to convince Fae to allow her to see the patient.  Fae seemed hesistant, but went to ask.  When she returned, she told Alina she had been summoned.

- Emeric took Tisroc and Glitch to his mansion after they learned many of the lizard men had suddenly left it.  Upon finding the proper room in the basement, Emeric began to adjust the summoning circle.  He had told Tisroc that the only way to reverse his "condition" would involve speaking directly to the entity to which the vow was made.

- As they began the ritual, some of the lizard men found them and threatened to interrupt it.  Glitch had found a shovel like his in a hole in the corner and, upon retrieving it, began to hold off the attackers.

- Tisroc finally managed to pull the demon to the surface of the circle - which was now something like an ice-covered pool.  As he spoke his words to defiance to the being below however, Emeric stabbed him in the back, causing him to collapse into the circle.  Glitch saw Tisroc fall, but not exactly what had happened.

- A moment later, the demon burst from the circle and, forcing its way thorugh the ceiling of the chamber, out into the streets above.  Emeric told Glitch that if he didn't bury Tisroc, the demon would roam free and uncontrolled forever.

- Glitch put Tisroc in the hold he'd found, and covered his body with the soil which had been dug up - seemingly for this purpose specifically.

- Meanwhile, Alina was speaking to a mysterious figure lying on a darkened bed.  Its voice was female and it asked Alina to perform the last rites.  It wasn't until the ceremony was almost complete that the room began to lighten and Alina could see the figure's form lying on the bed - unmistakably that of Bast - before it disappeared in a burst of radiant light.

- There were tremors.  Lava was beginning to well up from beneath the earth into the city, which was already nearly 1/3 engulfed.  A chaotic battle was raging all over the city - gnolls, hobgoblins, kobolds, giants, humans and some jackal-like beings were all fighting each other.  There were no clear sides.

- At the highest point in the city, the figure of Set stood surveying the chaos.  Across town, another figure - a jackal-like humanoid was floating some feet off the ground, making its way toward the hill.  Glitch and Alina were also heading that way.

- Tisroc awoke submerged in something like a strange, dark ocean - a tiny pinpoint of light lay far below him.  Filled with the conviction that this light was important, he dove toward it only to encounter a massive squidlike creature which defiantly declared that "this world" belonged to it.

- Alina an Glitch engaged Set & the jackal figure on this hill just as a massive dragon burst through the ceiling above, adding to the chaos of an already unfathomable battle.

- Tisroc descended to touch the glowing sphere he had seen before.

- The world around Alina, Glitch and the other combatants began to shift.  The mountain crumbled away revealing a vast plain surrounded by mountains - aspects of the landscape occasionally flickering through various states of health and decay.  A solid black sphere appeared before them, immediately capturing the attention of Set and the jackal.

- Tisroc had engaged the squid-monster and had managed to move the globe away from it, but had grabbed ahold of him in the process.  After some struggle, he managed to free himself.

- Alina began injecting light into the black sphere using her magic, and the sphere reacted violently.  Set and the jackal were fighting each other over it and the jackal eventually gained it when Set was distracted by Alina - it was as though he recognized her.  He even claimed to have killed her already.

- Wisdom's form began to grow uncontrollably in response to the darkness as Set bore down on Alina.  She fired two more bursts of light: the first at the sphere and the second at her attacker, and suddenly the world ceased to exist.

- Tisroc finally made it to the surface with the globe to find himself standing in an open, grassy field which was, even as he saw it, dissolving into a blank, white nothingness.  He stood there alone for a few minutes and then other figures began to appear - figures he knew.  Alina and Glitch were there of course, but there were others.  Emeric, A harpy that had tried to kill them, the massive dragon (now comical in size because it was no larger than they), as sphinx they had rescued, a wise-woman's granddaughter, a constable, a barmaid and others.  They were the last remnants of a now-dead world.

- Tisroc looked down at the now crystal clear globe in his arms and understood: It was a new world.  Void.  Formless.  Full of potential.

[end story arc]

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