Shards of Endor: The Crash

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- the smaller rebel fleet surrounded the death star above Endor.  They were pretty heavily outgunned, but were making an all-or-nothing attack on the battle station.

- The Verity (the party's ship) was aiding in the defense of a frigate called The Obstinance when they received word that the station's reactor had been hit and it was about to explode.  The insuing shockwave chewed through their ship's shields and battered it a bit.

- the Imperial fleet which had been holding at the emperor's command began engaging the rebels in earnest.  Having accomplished their primary goal, the rebel commanders gave the command to scatter.

- As The Verity was entering hyperspace, Pike caught a reading on the sensors - something very large had entered space near where the death star had been.  As they entered hyperspace, The Verity was hit hard by something, all but destroying the port engine and weakening the hull nearby.

- Jaylyn fought to retain control of her ship while Pike sealed off the cargo bay and evacuated the air in an attempt to prevent an explosive decompression.  Ash, the gunner, wanted to do something to help but there wasn't much he could do in that situation.

- As an emergency procedure, Jaylyn dropped The Verity out of hyperspace early and found herself very near a large brown-green planet - and approaching it rapidly.

- The crash landing was rough on The Verity's occupants, but they all managed to survive.

- While they considered their situation, Pike noticed some figures approaching the wreck.  the party remained hidden as they prowled about outside the ship, eventually knocking on the dorsal hatch.

- the group outside seemed to be scavengers or the like.  They told the party they had landed on a planet called Gantorra VI and offered to give them a ride to the city of Iveston which was about 75k away - for a fee of course.  Jaylyn wanted to get started on what she could do to repair parts of the ship before they left, so they asked it it could wait till the next day.  The leader of the scavengers, Dakan, seemed mildly exasperated, but agreed.

- the next day, three of the four returned on their speeder bikes to give the party a ride back.  The first half of the journey was uneventful, but shortly after that mark, they were attacked by Imperial troops.

- during the insuing fight, one of the scavengers, a female rodian Dakan called 'Dozy' was injured when she was pinned under her wrecked speeder bike.  Jaylyn helped Dakan free her and he asked if she could get her to safety.

- Jaylyn was a little torn.  She had received a call moments earlier from R2C5, her astrodroid, who informed her that someone was trying to get into the ship.  Dakan told her not to worry about that, which seemed to Jaylyn easy for him to say.  Still, she managed to get Dozy onto a speeder bike she's procured and the two of them got clear of the fight, heading to a place Dozy was indicating.  After they'd been traveling for about 10 minutes, she got another call from C5 telling her whoever had been trying to get in had left without succeeding.

- The others caught up with them sometime later.  They had traveled to an abandoned mining installation on a mountainside near the valley where Iveston resided.

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