Shards of Endor: Social Pressure

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- the party eventually regrouped at an abandoned mining installation where Dakan and his group had taken up residence.  Pike had a near miss with an Imperial contingent on the way.

- Dakan and his companions had claimed a survey tower and a utility building at its base.  The rest of the complex seemed to be uninhabited and in disrepair.

- the group learned that there were some vehicles approaching - but they weren't Imperial.  The three vehicles were civilian luxury models.  The group of well-dressed men who emerged from them were interested in Dakan - and decided to make him and "offer he couldn't refuse".  He didn't seem too interested, however.

- the next day, the group headed down into the valley to Iveston.  The city was fairly large and was situated on the valley plain above and around a canyon.

- the group spent some time looking around the city.  they saw an unusually strong Imperial presence and could feel some tension between them and the local authorities.  They saw the blasted storefront of a local cantina and a graffiti-covered statue of an Imperial officer - both being guarded as crime scenes.

- the party also decided to look for places they could get some help repairing their ship.  They learned that there were a few speeder shops in town, but those places wouldn't have much for the larger repairs needed.  They had been told, however, that there were a few entities in town that could probably help them: the spaceport would certainly have that capability, but it was Imperial-controlled.  The governor of the planet, a woman called Eteska, would also probably have the means, but that would be a pretty big favor.  An underworld lord called The Slug was a possible third, though accepting his aid would certainly have strings attached (his men where the ones who spoke to Dakan earlier).

- the group spent the evening at a club called Speeders, which was over-crowded since Solstar had been shot up.  They talked to the waitress a bit about recent events and the local social climate.

- on their way back to the hotel they'd planned to stay at, a street gang attempted to rob them, but that attempt went poorly from the start.  the group gunned two of the assailants down and the others were fleeing when Pike noticed some Imperial troops approaching quickly.  Jaylyn then pursuaded an extremely unnerved speeder driver to give them a quick ride out of the area.

- their escort dropped them at a hotel back on the other side of The Gorge nearer to the capital square than they'd intended, but at least they were out of Imperial sights for the time being.  On their way inside they ran into a Kel Dor in a local officer's uniform.  He engaged them in a short conversation.  He seemed a little suspicious of them, but he was polite.  After asking to see their ids weapon permits, he bid them good evening and admonished them not to cause any trouble while they were in town.

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