Shards of Endor: The Lap of Luxury

Friday November 4, 2011 at 6:00pm star wars, shards of endor, game session notes Comments (0) »

- the party awoke at the Grand Isle hotel the next morning, just in time to discover it was under some kind of attack

- the party attempted to waylay/escape-from groups of saboteurs as they made their way from the middle floors out of the hotel, which seemed to be losing stability.

- on their way, the encountered a woman called Dala (whom Jaylyn was trying to help to safety) and they ran into the card player they'd seen at Speeders the night before - his name was Byron.

- once outside, they found a great force of local police and imperial troups as well as the governor and her entourage making the rounds.

- the group was questioned a few times and strangely, the governor invited them (along with Dala and Byron) to a private luncheon at the Imperial Plaza (the capitol building in Iveston).

- The governor, a woman called Ephana Eteska, seemed particularly interested in the party as they had obviously arrived from off-planet - even offering them accomodations there in the plaza.  She seemed eager to hear of events happening elsewhere in the galaxy, but the party was a little wary of her and the rest of the present company and so said little.

- As the afternoon progressed, the group adjorned to a neighboring lounge area where conversations naturally broke into smaller groups.

- These leisurely activities continued until about 3:30 when the governor's aid, a cerean called Tylynn returned to tell her something.  The governor excused herself and, when Byron asked her for an explanation, she informed those remaining that Admiral Genneth's star destroyer was entering the atmosphere to make its landing...

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