Shards of Endor: Broken Chains

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- after the governor left, Byron also departed - mentioning that he needed to do something

- Jaylyn got a call from Dakan - it was short, but he mentioned something about some starship parts in a hauler that had been ditched in the Junk Pile

- The party made an attempt to descend through gorge, but by the time they'd reached the entrance to the old mines which would lead them to the Junk Pile on the canyon floor, they were running out of daylight.

- The group returned to Imperial Plaza, to dinner with the Governor and the newly-arrived Admiral.  The admiral obviously thought himself "above" most of the company present, only speaking to the governor who seemed to not to wish to discuss matters.

- After dinner, the group adjourned to the rooms they'd been offered in the plaza and planned to go to bed.  They happened upon Byron in the hallway saying he'd seen some figures skulking through and that the power to the lights had been mysteriously cut.

- The group and Byron pursued the figures up a couple of floors to the penthouse level, but they were outpaced.  Byron and Jaylyn actually had to climb up the outside of the building on the highest floor to reach the governor's quarters before the assassins.

- The actual encounter was brief, but the governor was very thankful for their protection.  She even offered to help them with their ship.  The would-be attackers turned out to be employees of the plaza, hired separately around 6 months ago.

- The next day, the group was awakened to the star destroyer's thunderous takeoff.  The party learned that the admiral had left Iveston with the entire garrison and about 90% of the local forces as well.  They also learned that their ship had been moved - probably to the spaceport.

- The party made their way to the empty garrison and, with the help of a passkey the governor had given them, entered.  They found The Verity in one of the bays, powered down and its damaged engine partially disassembed for repair.

- The group took stock of the place for a while and then decided to head back to the plaza.  Upon leaving the spaceport, however, they discovered the streets were overrun with rioting mobs...

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