Shards of Endor: Ghosts of Demons

Saturday January 14, 2012 at 3:00pm star wars, shards of endor, game session notes Comments (0) »

- party received a call from Byron who told them of a way to get to Imperial Plaza from the spaceport by way of some old sub-basements and utility corridors running beneath the city.

- on their way to the underground access, the party rescued a sulustan named Belussa who had been trapped in an old transport ship by some thugs.

- the party wound around under the city for a while, encountering something in the form of a disturbing old man.  they attempted to sneak past him, but noticed them passing.  The old man began to cackle and laugh as red light began poured out from his bandaged eye.  The group didn't stick around to see what happened next - opting instead to run for it.

- it was another couple of hours before they found what they believed to be the basement of the plaza building.  They were still cutting their way in when they were attacked by a monstrous, tentacled creature.  fortunately, the creature was fairly slow and they were able to hold it off long enough to get inside and out of reach.

- as the party headed up through the lower basements of the plaza, they encountered a group of sabateurs planting bombs in one of the lower utility rooms.  The resultant running combat played out with Pike distracting and disorienting the bombers while Ash kept their attention and Jaylyn and Belussa disarmed the bombs.

- after dealing with the explosive threat, the group made their way up into the building proper, where they found Eteska, Mox and a crowd of refugees taking shelter.  All of them were gathered around a series of screens where a staunch-looking imperial officer was delivering a report.  The broadcast cut next to a video clip showing the capital Coruscant being destroyed by a massive laser blast.

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