Shards of Endor: Encoded

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- As the party watched the news broadcast, Pike noticed an unusual distortion layer over the clip of Coruscant being destroyed.  It looked like it might have been an encoded message, but in order to discover what it meant, they would have to get the Verity's computer up and running again.

- the riots were still escalating when there was a loud, low rumbling sound and the group saw three large transport ships land in Imperial Circle outside.  Off of the ships marched at least 200 armed troops, who began engaging the rioters and pushing them back.

- another individual approached the Plaza building with his own retinue of guards.  He asked to speak to Eteska, saying he and his forces were there on behalf of Lord Mathis, a local nobleman.  The man, called Golvan, intimated that Mathis would aid in the restoration of the city to a more permanent order in exchange for political power.  Eteska didn't seem excited by this idea, but agreed to talk.

- the party, meanwhile, returned to the spaceport garrison when the riots had calmed and began to work on repairing the Verity.  Belussa proved very helpful in this endeavor.

- the repairs were only interrupted by the arrival of a single storm trooper who threatened and then attacked them.  The trooper was ultimately subdued and the group discovered it was, in fact a young woman.  They kept her tied up in the cargo bay as they decided what they'd do with her.

- when the group got the computer systems back online, they were able to decode the distortion as a simple character sequence: Dour114.

- it took the group a lot of brainstorming, but they ultimately decided it probably referred to the core world of Duro and possibly a com frequency in use in that system.

- the party tied up some loose ends, talked with Eteska a bit more (some arrangement with Lord Mathis was seeming inevitable) and decided to let their pseudo-stormtrooper go.

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