Shards of Endor: Spook

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- The party arrived in the Duro system to find themselves in the path of an Imperial pursuit.  They avoided any altercations by cooperating with the Imperial authorities and remaining uninvolved.

- When the coast was clear, they headed into one of Duro's orbital cities where they were looking for information.  A local duro pub had little to offer them.  They had already noticed the system was fairly heavily occupied by Imperials and no one here seemed to know why.  They were also informed that transports were not allowed to leave the system without Imperial authorization.

- The group tuned into the com frequency indicated by the message they had deciphered to find only a simple tone on the channel.  After some attempts to make more of it, they decided the only thing they could do was try to trace it to its origins.

- The signal lead them into the bowels of a duro residential station.  When they finally reached its source, however, they found that someone had already done so.  In a small corridor was a dead duro, having apparently been shot twice in the chest.  Scattered around the area were the duro's possessions as well as a deck of sabac cards.

- Pike recognized what he was seeing and, upon finding and examining the 'Demise' card from the deck, was sure of it: this was the work of a bounty hunter called Uziel Hash, a man known for mystery and misdirection.  Pike advised the others to be careful.

- The only thing the group found that they identified as useful or a potential clue was a card from Drao's Hole, a pub located on Ouro, one of Duro's moons known primarily as a slum.  The card had the frequency scrawled on the back.

- On the way out, the party was waylaid by a group of identically-dressed individuals.  They seemed intent on capturing the group - or at least Pike.  Outgunned, the party decided to make a run for it, and they were able to avoid their pursuers until Imperial authorities arrived in the area.

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