Shards of Endor: Recognition

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- The party decided to follow their only lead to Drao's Hole, a bar located in one of the larger settlements on Ouro, a backwater moon of the system.

- Upon landing, they were greeted by a combined patrol of local and Imperial officers.  The Imperial officer in charge seemed to recognize Ash.  After they had been basically satisfied with the group's reason for visiting the planet ("to sell wares"), the patrol made to depart only to be attacked by a pair of giant lizard-like creatures.

- The group participated in the insuing chaos, which culminated with Belussa following Pike's instructions to turn the ships turret on the larger of the two creatures.  Unfortunately, Belussa's gunnery skills were not particularly great, and the boulder that exploded from the weapon's fire managed to mortally wound Ash.

- The Imperial officer, perhaps grateful(?) for the aid, called for a medic.  Against his wishes, Belussa attempted to stabalize Ash's condition - an effort that was partially successful.

- When the medic arrived, Ash was transported to the new Imperial garrison in the settlement for treatment.  This was potentially problematic since Ash was currently AWOL from the Imperial army.

- The officer, whose name was Tanor, told Pike and Jaylyn that they could come to visit him if they wished and that mentioning his name should be sufficient to gain entrance.

- With their companion out of commission, the two decided to go ahead to Drao's Hole themselves.  They spent some time talking with Drao and overhearing other conversations.  They eventually noticed an uneasy-looking Rodian sitting by himself and Pike decided to buy him a drink.  Pike subtley intimated that he was connected to the duro who'd been maintaining the signal they had traced and the Rodian seemed to respond to this with some urgency.  He told Pike they should talk, but not there.  Instead they would meet later - sunset the following day - at the intersection of two streets in town.

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