Shards of Endor: Subterfuge

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- Jaylyn and Pike decided to check on Ash.  When they'd talked their way through the red tape to enter the garrison, Tanor himself showed them to the temporary medical bay where their friend was being treated.  The garrison, it seemed, was still under construction.  Tanor told them that Ash should be released in approximately 36 hours - sometime the morning after next.

- The next day, the two decided to scout out the street intersection they'd been given, only to discover that the streets in question did not intersect.  They were, in fact nearly parallel and among the straighter streets of the settlement.  

- Jaylyn and Pike eventually decided that the shifty Rodian must have been implying the place where the streets would meet if they were to be extended into the wilderness - a point approximately 3 miles northeast of town.  After returning to The Verity for some supplies, they made their way toward that location.

- The location, they discovered, was a large crater-like canyon.  By the time they reached the place, however, it was well after sunset - and was getting dark.

- Meanwhile, Ash had been revived and was preparing to leave the garrision earlier than expected.  Once he had been debriefed, he decided to head toward Drao's Hole where his companions had been intending to go.  

- He'd only taken a few steps in that direction, however, when he noticed something in his jacket pocket.  It was a small data pad.  When Ash switched it on, it read: "I know your secret, Mr. Grayven.  It is safe for now."  The message went on to say that Ash should meet this person at the end of a street in one hour.

- The acidic rain was falling pretty hard by the time Ash arrived at the prescribed location.  The shadowy figure standing at the edge of the area illuminated by the one street lamp was obviously waiting.  When he approached, the figure told him he was glad he came.  Ash recognized the voice as Tanor's.  Tanor told him that he needed a favor.  He needed someone to break into the Imperial garrison and dispose of some new speeder bikes that had just been shipped in.  Since Ash didn't want his secret to get out, and since he generally didn't have qualms about sabotaging Imperial property, he agreed.

- As Pike and Jaylyn entered the canyon they'd found, it seemed as though no one was around.  They were beginning to wonder if they'd been mistaken when the very dimmed headlights of a speeder began approaching.  A young woman opened one of the rear doors, stepped out and hurriedly motioned them to join her.

- About that same time, a grenade rocked the speeder car from the other side, and an unknown group of assailants opened fire from the ledge above.  Pike and Jaylyn made a run for it to the speeder, which was already turning around.  They managed to get inside before it took off, rocketting into a tunnel in the canyon wall.  It took only precursory conversation for Pike and Jaylyn to learn that the people they'd just joined were, at least in some way, part of the alliance.

- Back at the garrison, Ash had found a downed tree resting against the back wall of the installation beneath a guard tower.  He had returned to The Verity for his storm trooper armor which was currently covered by a brown cloak.  The external lights of the garrison apparently weren't functioning yet and the surroundings were dark, though the installation itself was well lit.  Once the guard in the tower turned away, Ash made his break for it - leaping up the tree and throwing himself over the wall into a small courtyard between the tower and two other buildings - which, as luck would have it - was currently empty.  That is, until Ash saw one of the doors opening...

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