Shards of Endor: Smoke and Mirrors

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- Jaylyn and Pike road in the speeder with their new "friends" until they reached the edge of the "outpost"

- The "outpost" turned out to be an old underground installation that, apparently, had fallen victim to massive arial bombardment, and now was mostly just a crater.

- As they approached the far edge where the small rebel group was hiding out, they noticed the power was not on as it should be.

- Meanwhile (or, actually, some time later), Ash continued infiltrating the Imperial garrison at the settlement.  Disguised as a storm trooper, he made his way around to the garage where the speeder bikes were kept.

- He had marginal success talking his way past several people in the garrison - ultimately choosing to just deck the clerical worker in the munitions locker. 

- After hacking his way through a couple of doorlocks, Ash rigged 9 satchel charges to a detonator and proceeded to attempt to leave the garrison.  Before he was able to make it to an exit, however, he was conscripted by a fellow trooper to go on an assignment.

- The assignment took Ash to Drao's Hole where a large gungan named Nabrek was becoming a problem for the proprieter.  A pair of Duros joined in the distubrance by firing upon the troopers.

- Ash helped the other storm troopers stun the assailants, but upon leaving the bar, peeled off into the back-alleys and detonated the charges.  The resultant explosion shook the settlement and lit up the night sky.

- Back at the resistance hideout, Jaylyn, Pike and their new friends were engaged in combat with something they believed to be the bounty hunter Uziel Hash they'd met previously.  He was employing a long-ranged stun rifle, booby traps, walking stun grenades and some form of hallucenogen that was making the fight tricky and uncertain.

- Eventually, Pike and two of the others charged in to the main open area where they believed their assailant while Jaylyn and one of the others made their way into an air vent that would lead them into the room from above.

- The group was at last able to overwhelm the attacker, but as they were finishing him off, Pike was becoming convinced that this was not the real Hash, only another decoy.

- Once the area was again secure and several of the stunned inhabitants revived, they group of them took a full day to rest.

- When they had recovered their strength, Jaylyn and Pike met with the rest of the group and its leaders.  They told the two that Coruscant had not been destroyed in fact, though they couldn't offer any tangible proof.  Instead, it had been effectively blockaded such that it seemed destroyed and the Empire was now using their forged "demonstation" as an intimidation tactic to get its hooks into the governments of many systems - sometimes by employing existing entities in the underworld.  Soon, they would be in deep enough that the fact that Coruscant had survived wouldn't matter.

- They continued by saying that the resistance had been gathering in different parts of the galaxy and that they meant to launch a coordinated attack against the Imperial Fleet at Coruscant, but that Duro was needed as a staging and gathering ground - and with the Imperial presence here, that wouldn't be possible.

- The resistance had been in talks with the Chief Industial Officer - effectively the Government-Corporation leader - about using the Duro's not-insignificant forces to free their world, but the CIO is a bit of a coward.  Still, the resistance believes he would launch the attack if the Star Destroyers could be first eliminated.  One, it seems, had left the system earlier that day for reasons unknown, but there was still one in orbit.

- The option put forth as feesible to get rid of this threat was to use one of the orbital defense guns on the Duro surface.  They were, of course, currently under Imperial control, but if one could be liberated and brought to bear on the remaining Star Destroyer, it would never see it coming...

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