Shards of Endor: Long Shot pt. I

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- Jaylyn and Pike continued their conversations with the resistance cell about sneaking down to the planet and attempting to commandeer one of the orbital defense guns just long enough to fire on the remaining star destroyer still in-system.  They collectively decided sending two teams would be best - one toward each of the guns - to increase the odds that at least one contingent would be successful.  Jaylyn and Pike decided they would head to the production sector and let the other group hit the mines.

- Ash returned to the ship to get some rest.  Upon waking a few hours later, Belussa told him that garrison was in search of a rogue trooper and that 4 newly-arrived visitors (the party) were wanted for questioning.  She expected an imperial detachment to arrive at the ship before midday.

- Ash and Belussa took C5 and some of the gear they thought the Imperials my confiscate and left the ship, hiding what they could in a nearby cave and then heading to the area Belussa said the others had gone to.

- Jaylyn and Pike were finally able to contact Ash and Belussa and meet up with them the next day.  One of the resistance members was driving them to a shuttle contact in a neighboring settlement where Jaylyn, Pike and Ash could get a ride to the planets' surface posing as mechanics and labor personel for manufacturing.

- There were a few close-calls with Imperial inspections, but the group did make it down to the planet.  They attracted some attention slipping into the manufacturing facilities, but managed to evade any sticky situations.

- After some investigation, the group discovered the location of the orbital defense installation and began making their way toward it.

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