Shards of Endor: Long Shot pt. II

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- As the group approached the hanger-bay entrance to the installation, they noticed an altercation between a squad of storm troopers and about a dozen or so Duro around a group of large delivery trucks.  The conflict was about to erupt into violence when Pike (still in disguise as a trooper himself) stepped in and suggested that the Empire would be best served by the squad leader allowing the Duro workers to do their jobs.

- The party then proceeded to the third installation sub-level where they found the Duro mechanic staffing quarters.  They took and interesting approach to making friends, but ultimately got some useful information about how to proceed upward to the control room without being questioned - this would involve climbing up through the maintenance access areas of the machinery itself.  They also discovered that they would need an activation key in order to arm the weapon for firing.  This key would certainly be in the possession of one of the Imperial officers in the installation.

- While their new Duro friends jammed the two primary access lifts, the party climbed up through the 4-story guts of the orbital gun and through a removable panel into the control level.

- The party took a quick survey of the rooms in their immediate area before proceeding to the control room itself.  Their intending storming of the control room began a little awkwardly, but they were able to take out the squad of troopers within it with little difficulty - though the alarm was sounded during the effort.

- The alarm brought an officer and another squad of troopers in from the opposite side of the control level.  After a brief by intense firefight, Pike recovered the access key from the officer.

- Jaylyn and Pike rallied the Duro technicians in the control room to take action against the Empire, and preparations for firing began in earnest.  When everything was ready, they looked to Pike for the command to fire.

- Pike gave the order over the still-blaring alarm system, but when the orbital gun itself engaged everything went silence for a few moments before the entire complex vibrated with a pair of shots aimed toward space.  

- On the satellite monitors, they could see the massive energy beams slice through the bow of the star destroyer in orbit.  The Duros were still cheering when Pike noticed a flight of tie fighters and a pair of AT-ATs rapidly closing with the installation.

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