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- Almost immediately after the cannon fired, the installation found itself under attack.  Fortunately, the armor of the facility insured the tie fighters' strafing did little damage, but the approaching AT-ATs were cause for more concern.  The party decided it was a good time to be somewhere else.

- Along with the duro command crew, the group decided to climb back down through the internal machinery of the weapon - the way they'd originally ascended to the control room.  Meanwhile, Imperial forces, unable to unjam the lifts, had begun climbing through from the bottom as well - leading to a series of very isolated personal encounters.

- Upon reaching the hanger bay at the base of the installation, they found the group of duro drivers they ahd encountered earlier holed up and attempting to fend off and Imperial scouting force.  The troopers were gaining ground, but it was the AT-ST that was really giving them problems.

- The party joined the fray long enough to secure some speeder bikes and take out the AT-ST (by way a speeder car to the leg and a few rounds of serious turret fire) and a few of the remaining storm troopers.

- The group then made their way into the industrial complex in the valley below, and ultimately into the starfighter factor they'd originally infiltrated.  Upon reaching the completion deck, they convinced the duros there to allow them to "borrow" a few of the fighters.

- The party regrouped with Belussa, Alea and Oorin.  Now that most of the in-system Imperial fleet was regrouping around the crippled star destroyer, Alea and Oorin decided they could chance a trip to the pastoral moon where most of the system's nobility resided - including the Duro President/CIO they'd been attempting to convince to take action against the Imperial forces.  The CIO was still reluctant to engage since the star destroyer was still partially operational, and they felt a personal visit might tip the scales.

- The group transported Alea and Oorin to the nobles' moon, and then decided to head to the other side of Duro to see if the other infiltration team might be able to complete their objective and finish off the star destroyer.  When they arrived over the mining sector, however, they discovered (via com from Magriv) that the entire facility was offline and without power.  Further, internal tensions between the duro miners and the imperial occupation came to a head when excavations disturbed a nest of previously-unknown insectoid creatures - the inner workings of the mines were all but a war-zone in a three-way conflict.  Magriv and Tooloo were attempting to keep the conflict away from the abandoned station area while Pyrak and Aleya were attempting to restore power to the installation.

- Belussa guided the Verity in close to the station base among the vertical, jagged peaks and the party descended on cables from the open loading ramp in order to enter the station and attempt to end the conflict in space above them...

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