Shards of Endor: At The Last Moment

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- the party made their way across the tiny, blasted landing pad toward the mountainside entrance of the facility - which was still without power.

- after Jaylyn forced the door open, the group could smell death and ozone pouring out from the long-sealed hangar bay.  They were examining the piles of scrap, the loose wires and cables that seemed to criss-cross the massive room, the dead storm troopers and the inert droids - many of which had had blasters welded onto them - when the power suddenly came back on.

- the party shortly found themselves face to face with a massive patched-together droid which declared them as intruders.  As they began to engage this threat, several of the partially destroyed droids came to life and began their own efforts to remove the interlopers.

- the large droid was powered directly by the station, however, which proved to be its Achilles' heel.  A couple of lucky shots to the power conduits deactivated it, causing it to collapse onto the the hangar floor.  The other droids must have been controlled by it in some way, because when it went down, they all suddenly deactivated as well.

- having restored power to the installation, Aleya and Pyrak joined the group.  After a brief adventure on the administration level (involving a rather large security cannon and some booby traps), the group managed to find a lift key to gain access to the control room level.

- the control room was not in any better condition than the hangar had been.  Bare wiring was exposed everywhere and many of the computer terminals seemed to have been damaged.  There was also a single damaged droid that nervously pointed a blaster pistol at them, telling them that they must not enter the control room.

- Jaylyn and Pike attempted to reason with the droid, who seemed senile and confused - only intent on keeping the "intruders" out of the area, but seeming to realize it lacked the capability to enforce this desire.  Meanwhile, Ash began attempting to bring the computer systems online.  After some discussion, the group learned that the orbital gun itself was damaged, and Jaylyn climbed up and out of an access hatch to repair it...   ...about the time that tie fighters began making passes at the station.

- by the time Jaylyn was finished and had returned, Ash had managed to get the control room basically online - though quite a few systems were questionable and it seems communications with many of the global positioning statellites were down.  Things might have been find had Magriv and Tooloo not burst into the room - followed almost immediately by a massive, 35-ft centipede.

- While Magriv, Tooloo and Jaylyn were fighting the centipede, Ash realized that the crippled star destroyer had drifted into the station's firing arc.  He also noticed, however, that it seemed to be quickly losing elevation in a partially-controlled descent - it was attempting to land and would soon drop out of range again.

- Ash knew he would need help to aim and fire the gun, so he grabbed Pike and the two began working furiously while the others kept the giant creature busy.  They were just getting started when Ash noticed a warning from another display - a proximity / target lock warming from an incoming battleship.

- the timing could not have been closer. Pike managed to key in the final commands and fire weapon mere seconds before the control room was rocked by the battleship's obliteration of the weapon overhead.  The blast coordinates were perfect, though, and the crippled star destroyer exploded just after it had entered Duro's atmosphere.  

- the group descended deeper into the facility and into the saftey of the mountain to wait out the aerial attack. When the coast was clear, Belussa returned to pick them up.  The situation in space was much less dire.  The CIO had finally been convinced to act (perhaps after the star destroyer was finished off) and, though the planet was certainly under Imperial control, they were effectively stranded there as the space around it was once again in Duro hands.  Resistance forces had already begun arriving for the final offensive.

- when all perparations had been made, the newly-assembled resistance fleet made the short jump to Coruscant, where the immediately encountered some kind of astal storm between them and their objective.

- the storm turned out to be some Imperial device, however - generated by an array of small "cloud ships".  As the rebels became aware of its nature and how it worked, they began altering their tactics to circumvent it to reach the Imperial fleet - which turned out to have been in less than perfect condition before the battle started.  Still, the cloud served its purpose by catching the resistance off-guard and allowed the Imperials to score some early victories.

- the part decided to begin engaging the cloud ships and, after destroying a few and relaying their tactics to other rebel ships, they decided to attempt to slip by the Imperial fleet in order to obtain identifiable photos of Coruscant.  They figured if they could get proof that the planet still existed and send it to one of the larger rebel ships to beam it out to the public, the Imperials' efforts here would be successfully undermined.

- as they approached the planet, the group discovered they were being shadowed by a small, stealth craft when it began firing orange blasts at them that seemed to short out their computer systems.

- the insuing duel lasted for some time before Ash realized that the ship was repairing itself as it took blaster damage.  It was then that Pike decided to use one of the missiles they'd been given to try to take it out all at once.  The ship proved to be difficult to lock onto, but the attack was ultimately successful and the ship exploded as it dove past them.

- the party was only starting to record their sensor information when they received word that the Imperial fleet was breaking up and jumping out of the system - some of the bigger ships, however, seemed to have jumped into hyperspace toward the Deep Core, which seemed very odd...

[end story arc]

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