Again Exiled

Sunday June 3, 2012 at 2:00pm bot,, game session notes Comments (0) »


Bot (homebrew) version 0.2


[Tony] Pigeon - Small Messenger Bot

[Doug] Sloan - Repair Bot

[Patrick] Philmore - Administrative Logistics Bot

[Tim] Rusty - Heavy Mining Bot


- the group's home is destroyed by a demolition bot and two assassin bots

- after defeating the attackers, group decides the Cardinals must be expanding their area of enforcement.  They decide to flee from their area of the Mid City at least a little further down.

- Group encounters an old processor factory in the lower sections of the Mid City that is actually operational - which should not happen.  Witness another bot dart inside past a facility guard.

- Group meets another bot, Vic.  Agrees to help rescue his rash friend (TC) if he can first provide them a place to affect some repairs.

- Vic leads them to an old hideout in the Old City.

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