Savage Seas: Nobody's Home

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- the ghostly woman began questioning Lucas in some unknown language, becoming more and more urgent until Lucas answered the question she seemed to be asking in the affirmative - at which point she relented and her form began to disappate.

- Zatara was approached by a young girl - perhaps 7 or 8 - and she asked him if he would take her to her mother.  Upon reaching the temple room where Lucas and Breeze were still looking at each other as though unsure of what just happened, the girl directed her attention of Lucas, calling him "Mother", and asking if they would finally be going home.

- As eveing approached, the group left the mountain and headed back toward the village, where they noticed they could see no torchlights.  Upon arriving in Basnet, they found the place deserted - apparently for some time.

- Lucas insisted he needed a drink, and made his way toward the Dockside tavern.  It, too, appeared to have been unoccupied for at least a decade, though the bar was still stocked with untouched spirits (though they tasted a bit off).  It wasn't until they were getting ready to leave that they noticed the woman who had told Lucas about "Old Caroline".  She had been sitting at a table in the corner near the door, chuckling to herself.  When the others saw her, she made her way to the exit telling them over her shoulder "This won't be the strangest thing you will encounter in these waters!", before pushing the door open and heading into the dark night.  Breeze chased after her, bursting through the door just after it had closed behind the woman, but she could find no trace of the gossip outside.

- The group returned to the Wind's Wings and informed the captain of what had happened (and offered some explanation as to the girl that was accompanying them).

- The following day, the New Legacy and Grand Alexis arrived, but there was to be no landfall.  The crew of the Wind's Wings scoured the abandoned village for anything of use, but thereafter the expedition decided to press on past Basnet.  They decided to alter course to the north, however, when a lingering and forboding storm on the southwestern horizon refused to disappate.

- The expedition's cheif navigator presented some sea charts to a meeting of the expedition leaders and a few others gathered to discuss course.  He mentioned three islands - a southern coral atoll closer to their original projected course, a rocky prominence to the north west and a rumoured large, volcanic island beyond it.  The existence of none of these islands had been confirmed, but as part of the expedition's goals was exploration and since the stop at Basnet had not gone according to plan, investigating one or more seemed reasonable.

- There was some discussion as to what course should be taken, but the majority seemed to favor seeking out the large island as the other two seemed to have relatively little to offer...

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