Savage Seas: Puncture Wounds

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- Lucas made his way back down to the Grand Arcadia, thinking he might grab some coin from one of the chests and make a run for it now that it seemed quiet.  Once down at the ship however, he encountered a strange woman who was speaking enigmatically to a barely-conscious Julius who'd been pinned to something like a large red sofa with 4 large black spikes.  The room was lit with a reddish glow by rows of paper lanterns hanging around the hold.  She seemed to be interested in what Julius was looking for and whether he found it.  When Lucas arrived, she turned her attention to him.  Being around her seemed to cause his mind to call up random and vivid memories.

- meanwhile, Breeze, Zatara and Kilmer made their way further into the rock tunnel.  They encountered a great snake in a bone-filled cavern.  As they tried to escape, Breeze was bitten and flung across the room, collapsing in a bone pile on the other side.  Kilmer tried to revive her - to no avail - while Zatara finally managed to drive off the snake after wounding it.  Despite Kilmer's concerns about moving her, they didn't have much choice, and that since the snake retreated down the tunnel they'd come through, they decided to continue in hopes there was another way out.

- the tunnel continued to another cavern - this one covered with rune-like carvings - and eventually up and out onto and exterior cliffside that seemed to merge with old, carved ruins.  There they encountered a young woman humming to herself and painting random designs on the stone around her.  She seemed excited to see the newcomers, but their conversation had only started when another woman appeared from the tunnel behind them.  This second woman was older and with features that seemed to blur when observed directly.  She attempted to convince the young girl that these intruders must be destroyed and ordered her to do so, while Zatara and Kilmer made the case that they meant her no harm.  Eventually the tense situation eroded as the girl ran sobbing from the room, and the other woman vanished in anger.  The path continued to the summit of the rock where they found a kind of look-out post, but no way down to the shore.  Frustrated and tired, they realized they'd have to go back.  Fortunately, the descent was relatively unobstructed and they soon rejoined the two sailors they'd left outside the tunnel.  Breeze had stabilized and was breathing, but could not be revived.

- Lucas spoke uneasily with the strange woman in the wrecked ship for some time, trying to discern who she was.  Conversation with her seemed disjointed, however, and she tended to jump lines of inquiry unexpectly.  She eventually became frustrated with him and returned to Julius.  As the light from the lanters began to suddenly fade to darkness, Lucas, throughly disconcerted, made his way back outside and, upon locating one of the long boats that was still intact, returned to the New Legacy with news that the landing party had not gone as planned.

- Breeze was revived a couple of days later by a strange, old woman called Agatha who was a passenger on the Grand Alexis.  There had been much talk, and it had been decided that the expedition would continue toward their original target island.  The journey was not easy on anyone, however.  Overall morale had been crumbling for some time, and an as-yet-unsolved murder (a man called Darren, apparently repeatedly stabbed by someone) that happened only a few days out from the rock-isle made matters worse - even with Breeze and another performer named Brooke doing their best to keep people optimistic.  It was nearly a week past the time they "should have" reached the island on their heading, but when land was finally sighted, they found an island even larger than they had anticipated...

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