Savage Seas: Something To Gain

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- as the group settled into camp, Lucas noticed that Morgan, one of the men from his ship he'd brought along, wasn't around, and no one really seemed to know where he went.  They were concerned that whoever had been watching the camp had captured him.

- the next morning, the three took Julia and began tracking the prints she'd found back to their origin.  This lead them a considerable distance to the west where they entered a hilly region and eventually began to see signs of human(?) presence - namely, the stumps of some trees that had clearly been chopped down.  When Julia did not return from scouting ahead, the group rounded a bend and found themselves in a kind of forest village, seemingly composed largely of lumber scavenged from wrecked ships.

- the village appeared empty, but the group got the clear impression people were present.  Lucas decided to take a direct approach, walking to the center of town and calling out - saying they meant no harm to any of them, and that if they were castaways, their expedition could offer some assitance.

- the speech was responded to by a variety of individuals, several of which seemed to have differing motives.  There were a series of half conversations, offers and threats before a man called Cerrick started hostilities and a brief skirmish erupted, during which Julia was freed.  After the assailents were defeated, more talks insued.  It turned out that the village was composed of a variety of castaways from at least three different ships.  Most of them were much more inclined to negotiate than Cerrick had been, and were keenly interested in what this expedition could offer them (in one way or another).  The group spent the rest of the day talking with the inhabitants, learning about who they were and about the island they now occupied - even looking at a rough map one of the villagers had drawn of the island.  When Lucas asked about Morgan, he learned from a woman, Roxanne, that he had come to speak with Cerrick the night before.

- the next morning, they returned to the beach, where most of the expedition had now landed and land was being cleared for a more permanent, temporary camp.  Many of the passengers and crew were enjoying the chance to be on land once again.  The group informed Kilmer of what they had learned, and asked if Morgan had returned.  Kilmer told them that Morgan had returned in the late morning, saying that he'd gotten lost in the forest the night before.

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